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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, April 23, 2006

Here we go again

Look, our anti-immigration wall is so pretty

Hil: Border needs wall

Daily News Exclusive
Also backs legalization, but immig forces angry


Taking her hardest line yet against illegal immigrants, Sen. Hillary Clinton told the Daily News she wants U.S. borders secured with a wall or fence, possibly surveillance drones and infrared cameras.

Clinton's proposal - which came just weeks after she blasted Republican crackdowns on illegal immigrants as un-Christian - raised the ire of activists.


"A physical structure is obviously important," the New York Democrat and possible presidential contender told Goodwin. "A wall in certain areas would be appropriate," she said, endorsing a high-tech "smart fence" that could spot people approaching from 200 or 300 yards.

At a planning meeting yesterday for a human chain demonstration in the five boroughs that day, immigrant advocates booed Clinton's get-tough stance.

"To see the senator from New York, which is clearly an immigrant state, take a position that harsh is not the real solution," said Gouri Sadhwani, executive director of the New York Civic Participation Project and La Fuente. "The flow of undocumented immigrants into our country will not be stopped by putting up a fence along the Mexican border."

Saul Campoverde, 35, a construction worker from Bushwick, Brooklyn, who came to the U.S. illegally from Ecuador 10 years ago, also ripped the fence plan.

"That would be like clipping the wings off a bird - that would kill many people's dreams of having a better opportunity, future for their families," he said.
Unlike her other mistakes, this could really hurt Clinton here. Not only don't the know nothing republicans not believe her, they want to get rid of the brown people. She can never get their votes. But it can piss the hell out of millions ofNew Yorkers. It can make her campaign for reelection a lot harder than it should be.

Immigration is popular in New York, and she may have really misread this issue.

Again, Hillary Clinton picks an issue which cannot convice those who don't trust her and alienate those who like her.

posted by Steve @ 3:32:00 PM

3:32:00 PM

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