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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Dinner

What I didn't have for easter dinner

Fixing easter dinner would have been nice, if my pots and pans didn't have to be deboxed,and my refrigerator unwegded from the corner it didn't belong in. So I went to a diner and bought pork chops. It wasn't bad, and the apples and cabbage was killer.

But then, I'm just happy to have not put on 10 pounds during the remodling with all the eating out.

The fact is that we don't usually do Easter dinner, since my sisters live in Boston. My younger sister was, because she does all the holidays and usually makes a cake for it. In fact, Easter dinner has ranked just above the 4th of July in Gilliard non-holidays, since I became an adult. We used to have a big dinner, but that was years ago.

And no, I don't go to church and I don't watch the easter parade either.

I spent the day runing errands and cleaning up

Also, I got Winning Eleven 9 Friday and it plays a lot better than 8 does, a lot more foot tackles and fighting for the ball, a lot fewer yellow cards. Even if you don't like soccer, the movement of the sprites is just amazing, body tackles. It's a lot of fun.

posted by Steve @ 8:59:00 PM

8:59:00 PM

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