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Monday, April 17, 2006

Blame the Jews

Was this a bad idea?

The General Speaks

Democrats' loss, Republicans' gain

Amy Sullivan
Washington Monthly

Dear Mrs. Sullivan,

You've taken a lot of heat from the godless French for suggesting that many potential Demoncratic voters are turned off by party's embrace of secularism. Although I certainly agree with your position, I'm thankful that God's Own Party is the beneficiary of this secularist blunder. Indeed, it allows godfearing Republicans like me to successfully reach out to disaffected Christian Democrats like Barbara Cornett.

I became aware of Miss Cornett's alienation from the Demoncratic party after she began posting her diatribes in the comments of my blog, Jesus' General, under the name, "July Canute" and emailing me under her real name. Although these comments and emails are no longer available, posts to her blogs, uglybigots and The Southrn Journal, outline the reasons for her disaffection.

For example, here's something she wrote in The Southern Journal:

As a Democrat I often get very angry at the hatred and bigotry of the liberals out of the Northeast and California. These people have stirred up hatred against Christians and southern people like myself for all the years I have been on the internet which is about 10 years. It is important to recognize that many Christians who are Democrats not only tolerate this hatred but even support it.


The Liberals out of the Northeast and the neo-cons represent a new power elite. Many of the Liberals are Jews and the neo-cons are also for the most part Jewish Zionists.

She has more to say about "the Jewish problem" here:

When will Americans stop learning to hate ourselves and allowing the religion that our nation is based upon to come under attack by a bunch of Jews who want to run this country for their own interests?

And more from her blog, uglybigots, here:

Are you kidding me! What does Patriot Boy think he is! Basically a Jew whose come to believe his own propaganda I suppose [she mistakenly thinks my inner-Frenchman is Jewish].

Patriot Boy alias Jesus' General does what Jews always do. They take advantage of free speech in America and then presume to take it away from everyone else.

And here:

My my who do you suppose is behind this movie which was advertised at Raw Story? This movie, The God Who Wasn't There is part of an ongoing propaganda campaign against Christianity by Jews. They want to throw off the old ruling class in America and take their place according to the teachings of Leo Strauss they undermine our history, religion and culture in order to undermine the legitimacy of our rulers and take their place.

These are the people your Demoncratic party has lost. Hopefully, your loss will be our gain.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

Update: It looks like Miss Cornett really is coming over to the side of God's Own Party. At least she's seems to be taking tips from Mr. O'Reilly:

From: "Barbara Cornett"
To: "Gen. JC Christian, patriot"
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 13:00:39 -0500

Mr Christ

Do you think you are the only people in America who have free speech?

Is anti-semitism a bad thing? Is it slander to call someone an anti-semite?

Is it defamation to publish a person's name on the internet and call them an anti-semite?

Is there a precedent for anti-semitism and would you like to make your case in a court of law?

But there's only anti-semitism on the left, ok?

posted by Steve @ 6:05:00 PM

6:05:00 PM

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