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Friday, March 10, 2006

We're not extremists

Charles Murray, he's not an extremist,

MN-Sen: Are Kennedy's people stupid or just dumb?
by kos
Fri Mar 10, 2006 at 10:56:46 AM PDT

Dumb AND stupid.

Yesterday, Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar was again advertising on the extremist blog Daily Kos. The ad on Daily Kos lead directly to her campaign website where visitors were then asked to sign-up. Today, that ad has mysteriously disappeared.

Yup, the mystery of a one-week ad buy expiring.

Man, they've really got to stretch to figure out reasons to attack Democrats, and they're obviously, desperately, hoping they can get traction out of demonizing this joint. And blah blah blah "hate filled" blah blah blah "extremists" blah blah blah "liberal fringe" blah blah blah.

You want to talk extremist? How about the NRSC's subtly racist Fancy Ford site where they portray Harold Ford as a pimp? Steve Gilliard, Jesse Barney, and Matt Stoller have more.

More extremism? How about a president that is support by only 37 percent of the American public (in yet another poll -- this one the AP/Ipsos poll). (Sounds pretty fringe to me.)

Want "out of the mainstream"? How aobut that Ipsos poll showing that only 31 percent of Americans approve of the job the Republican Congress is doing?

Or what about the 70 percent who don't approve of George Bush's, Bill Frist's, and Joe Lieberman's plans to let the anti-Israeli and terorist supporting UAE take over management of a slew of U.S. ports?

Or how about the tiny number of Americans who support a South Dakota-style anti-abortion law? Republicans again on the side of extremism.

It must really burn the GOP that on issues of homeland security, social security, choice, the Iraq War, fiscal responsibility, and every single domestic issue, this site is smack dab in the mainstream.

And no amount of lame and sensationalistic rhetoric can change that fact.

So can you explain to me why we scare so many people? I don't get it.

posted by Steve @ 1:16:00 PM

1:16:00 PM

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