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Friday, March 10, 2006

The train is slowing down

'No,' he's not the fiend

Passes lineup in Queens rape


Kevin O'Donnell, Littlejohn's lawyer, tells media that police are targeting the wrong man.
Staring into the eyes of a suspected sex fiend - separated from the ex-con by only a two-way mirror - a young rape victim realized: It wasn't him.

"No, the perpetrator was bigger," she said as she looked at Darryl Littlejohn, a 41-year-old bouncer who police sources say is the prime suspect in the slaying of Manhattan graduate student Imette St. Guillen.

With those words, the 22-year-old woman delivered a serious blow to investigators who had hoped to charge Littlejohn with her sexual assault as cops worked furiously to gather enough evidence linking him to St. Guillen's slaying.

Authorities got a court order yesterday to put Littlejohn in a lineup for the unrelated Queens sex assault and seemed confident they had their man.

But when the victim didn't pick out Littlejohn or anyone else as her attacker, cops could only send him back to Rikers Island on relatively minor charges of violating his parole.

Though Littlejohn "maintains his innocence," according to his lawyer, police sources continued to believe St. Guillen's murder will lead to charges against the parolee.

As the Daily News revealed yesterday, sources said carpet fibers on the tape covering St. Guillen's brutalized face have been matched to fibers from Littlejohn's Queens apartment.

It was the first potential physical evidence linking the 41-year-old bouncer to St. Guillen. But the carpet is relatively common.

Police have held off on charging Littlejohn because semen stains on the floral blanket wrapped around St. Guillen's naked body apparently do not trace back to the convicted bank robber.

The semen results were among a battery of "inconclusive" findings from several DNA and forensic tests, many of which are now being repeated by the city's crime lab.

Littlejohn's lawyer, Kevin O'Donnell, insisted police were targeting the wrong man.

"He maintains his innocence. My heart goes out to the victim, but he has no history whatsoever of abuse against women," O'Donnell said.

The parolee "feels like a scapegoat," O'Donnell said.

I have a shitload of questions here.

That guy didn't belong in that bar to begin with. He's a heavy duty kind of guy for a really upscale crowd. I really want to know if he got paid that night, since they usually pay the bouncers in cash at the end of the night.

I just get the feeling that this girl was no stranger to that staff. And that her ejection was about more than last call.

And the actions of Danny Dorrian, the manager, is really weird. Hiring an ex-con to start. Bars may hire their bartenders by walk ins, but bouncers usually come in by word of mouth. My feeling is that he did a lot of stuff for Dorrian as well.

Then lying to the cops, knowing how the SLA loves to give bars a hard time?


Now the foresnics aren't coming back. There's semen that isn't the suspects? Well, I think there's a LOT being unsaid here. And I think that keeping the heat on this guy may be a distraction while the DT's look at other people in that bar.

Newsday was running a story that she tossed a racial insult at him, "that's why all you black people are in jail" but that's hardly enough to lead to sexual torture, because it happens all the time. He towered over this girl. All he had to do was look at her hard and she'd have run off.

The longer this goes on, the more this smells of a coverup, with the bouncer being a fall guy.

Because none of this adds up. She leaves her friends to continue to drink? Possible, but unlikely. They bounce her out at last call with a bouncer? Then, being a hardened ex-con, he's the last person seen with her in a room full of white people, as if no one would notice? He doesn't come back and no one notices?

Everything in this story , which looked like it was pointing towards the bouncer seems to be pointing away at this point.

For a bar owner to play games with a cop in a murder investigation is just weird.

posted by Steve @ 1:26:00 PM

1:26:00 PM

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