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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So why did they hire Young Ben

He just wants to play, Jim, honest.

Ask's executive editor why he hired an unqualified, bigoted conservative activist

Take Action!

Last week, we told you about the launch of Red America, a weblog written by Ben Domenech, a Republican activist who worked in the Bush administration and co-founded RedState, a "Republican community weblog ... focused on politics, and ... dedicated to the construction of a Republican majority in the United States."

Domenech had a history of bigoted and homophobic comments like calling Coretta Scott King -- on the day of her funeral -- a communist and suggesting that blogger/journalist Andrew Sullivan, who is gay, "needs a woman to give him some stability." However, a review of his articles also made it clear that he was a serial plagiarizer.

Domenech is no longer employed by thanks to the efforts of progressive media critics. He "resigned" amid a public outcry over his plagiarism.

But Domenech's resignation doesn't erase the hard questions about why he was originally hired. still needs to explain why a partisan operative who admits he is not a journalist and who has a history of racially charged rhetoric, homophobic bigotry, and serial plagiarism was given a platform on in the first place -- and what steps the paper is taking to ensure that such a fiasco does not happen again.

Take Action! Click here to contact Jim Brady, executive editor of and ask him why he decided to hire Domenech, a rabidly partisan activist with no real credentials and a history of bigoted comments.


Media Matters to Wash. Post brass: Fire bigoted blogger [3/23/06]

More invective from Domenech [3/23/06]

Statement from Media Matters for America President David Brock on Resignation of Washington Post Blogger Ben Domenech [3/24/06]

About Jim Brady

Why calling an American icon a communist is perfectly fine. I mean, all those liberals cursed Reagan when he died, right?

What, you mean they didn't?

I'm so fucking tired of the language of hate, they're gonna kill liberals, they're gonna kick their asses. Really, I have 20 regulars here who are combat vets, more than a few former special operators. You do not join the GOP when you enlist. I can't tell you about the lurkers.

And what is most galling is that these cowards run or bullshit when asked about actually enlisting. They are so goddamn tough, they should be down at Benning or MCRD Parris Island. I mean, they're so fucking deluded that they think a nasty post is the same as a combat patrol in Iraq.

Look at the shit on Red State today, a coward's hate fest. I'd like to drag one of these big talking fuckers to Walter Reed so they can see what violence is really like. These people make me sick

posted by Steve @ 12:29:00 AM

12:29:00 AM

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