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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Politics without passion does not work


Don't Make Trouble

by digby

Eleanor Clift has penned a column that she clearly wrote while half in the bag after playing spin the Jameson's with Chris Matthews and John McLaughlin at Bob Shrum's St Paddy's Day bash. A bigger puddle of misguided conventional wisdom I have not seen in quite some time.

Democrats must have a death wish. Just when the momentum was going against the president, Feingold pops up to toss the GOP a life raft.

*sigh* How many more years are we going to hear this tired nonsense from establishment pundits before people wake up and realize that ever since the Democrats took on this appeasment strategy they have been losing. I have written before that I was an enthusiastic New Democrat at one time --- embracing all the stuff about modernizing politics and marginalizing the "crazies" and creating a new, technocratic party where our "competence" would so dazzle the population that we could set aside all that unpleasant passion and ideology and just simply run the government "the smart way." Man, did I like the sound of that.

There was only one little problem, after we were done patting ourselves on the back for being more brilliant than everyone else in the room, the Republicans beat the crap out of us over and over again. And over time that vision has been whittled down to a belief that if we just wait them out, the country will wake up and realize that we aren't really worse than the other guys so don't make waves.

For some reason, the American middle class is uncomfortable with confrontation. They want everything to be reasoned and rational.

Which is why George Bush is president.

Simply put, too many Dems don't trust their own hearts. They think they are the minority. You hear this all the time, see this on the blog. It drives the idiocy of cultivating fundies, it allows people to talk about sheeple, it drove people to talk about moving to Canada.

But what we're now seeing is that GOP dominance is an act. They acted like they had a 50 seat majority in the house and that's how Dems responded, as if they were in the minority.

Fuck that asshole Wittman, who Clift is quoting. He can shove his Bull Moose bullshit up his ass. Why the fuck would anyone take him seriously.

The only thing I liked about Clinton, besides his warmth, was his ability to win. Only problem, the way he won set the stage for future defeats. Because he wanted to deal with the GOP rationally, and they wanted to destroy him by any means possible. They hated every fiber of his being, because he was just like them

So when Gore ran and they fought him like berzerkers and they lied about Kerry, Dems were stunned.

But now, Bush is unhinged and the GOP faltering.

Isn't time to stop pandering to people who are losing and unpopular?

posted by Steve @ 1:16:00 AM

1:16:00 AM

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