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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Not the first time

Cops looking for evidence in murder

Recently, the murder of a 24 year old grad student has been all over the papers in New York, as well as the cable crime news shows. But until today, it wasn't revealed that one of New York's most notorious bar owning families has added a second body to their sloppy practices.

Ex-con is cops 'only suspect'

DNA link still sought


"They heard yelling. More angry yelling, not fear," a source said. "No one called out for help or said they were being attacked."

St. Guillen was upset that she was being ejected from the bar before she could finish her drink, the source said.

A man at The Falls who identified himself as "Danny the manager" told The News last week he did not remember seeing St. Guillen.

"She could have been a credit card customer. We have hundreds of customers paying with credit cards," Danny said. "I just hope they catch this guy. I just hope I have a job after this."

Dorrian's lawyer Daniel Connolly, a founding member of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's law firm, Giuliani Partners LLC, did not return calls yesterday.

His concern is just touching. But on par for the people who run this place. If it turns out that one of Giuliani's partners represent the bar, which the State Liquor Authority is about to be all over, that would be very interesting

Violence haunts bar


Imette St. Guillen paid for a second drink, adding a few more dollars to the fortune the Dorrian clan has amassed in the 82 years since its patriarch stepped off a boat from Belfast.


In time, he saved enough to open his own bar on the upper East Side. Dorrian's Red Hand became a hangout for the guys from the firehouse around the corner and for Irish people in general.



By the 1980s, Red's son Jackie was running the bar and it become a hangout for preppies. Kids to whom money meant nothing packed in.


Then, early on the morning of Aug. 26, 1986, Robert Chambers left the Red Hand with 18-year-old Jennifer Levin. They ended up in Central Park, where Chambers killed her.

In the aftermath, the Red Hand's liquor license was suspended. Levin's family sued the bar for contributing to the killing by serving underage patrons. The suit was finally settled in 1996 for $100,000.

Meanwhile, the Red Hand was prospering again. A new Red Hand was opened in Jersey City. The Dorrian clan also opened a sister bar on Lafayette St. called The Falls.


By police accounts, one of the younger Dorrians, Danny, was managing The Falls early on the morning of Feb. 25 when Imette St. Guillen came in. She ordered a drink. She paid for that one and asked for another and paid for that as well.


But, St. Guillen was still sipping that second drink when young Dorrian announced it was closing time. She declined to leave before she could finish what she had just bought. Danny Dorrian is said to have instructed the bouncer to escort her out. As police tell it, St. Guillen could be heard asking for her money back as bouncer Darryl Littlejohn removed her. One police official says her protests were suddenly punctuated by a whimper.


The Red Hand had done nothing more than serve a few drinks to Chambers and Levin. The Falls had ejected a protesting St. Guillen with a bouncer who was on parole for a violent felony, a bouncer who disappeared into the early morning darkness along with her.

By the police account, Danny Dorrian repeatedly lied to the detectives over the next few days. He only began to tell something closer to the truth toward the end of the week, apparently at the urging of his politically connected attorney. A police official was prompted to term the younger Dorrian a man with "no conscience whatsoever."

"[He] hears the whimper and lies to us repeatedly," a police official said.

The official noted that the lies had accorded the prime suspect ample opportunity to dispose of evidence. He was in custody on a parole violation as police continued their search yesterday for any clues that might remain.

At lunchtime, nary a customer was in The Falls. Not a cent was going into the three cash registers behind the bar where St. Guillen paid for that second drink.

Ah, yes the Dorrian family. Getting Upper East Side teenagers drunk for decades. While other bars would be shut after undercover teams would buy underage drinks, Dorrians Red Hand served the preppy set unquestioned until 1986, when Jennifer Levin turned up dead in Central Park.

It was odd how they could evade the law, but evade they did.

Now, most bar owners like to cultivate good relationships with the cops. They even tend to hire retitred cops to work the door. Why Dorrian would hire a violent ex-con is beyond me. The kind of crowd he was getting wouldn't have needed that kind of weight. The Bowery is now just another place to hang. 20 years ago, when I was in college, it was a very different scene, it was basically New York's skid row.

Usually, the kind of bouncer you hire is in reaction to the kind of crowd you get. You might want some brawlers if you have a post-college or Wall Street crowd where people get beer muscles. But usually, you don't want them too scary, because women tend to shy away.

And this is an experienced bar family. They have a bunch of people to pick from to hire.

But what is amazing is that Danny Dorrian, who knows his family is connected up the ass, would lie to the cops about this. The SLA isn't going to yank his license if he told the truth, because he could say he didn't know the guy was an ex-con. Well, his dad didn't act much better in 1986.

What is especially odd is that ejecting drunk women is an art. The manager usually will get them in a cab, precisely to make sure they're safe, because of something like this. Reports are saying that she was in a blue car with him, which means they might have known each other, especially when she dumped her friends for one more drink.

Bouncers often pick up women from working the door, but because Dorrian lied, they can't even determine if they had a prior relationship. Which might be why she was escorted out by him.
But that whole sequence of events sounds like bullshit to me. Because when you serve last call, you allow the patrons to finish their drinks. You do not toss them out mid-drink, which is why last call in New York is 3:45 AM. If you close before then, there is no reason to push anyone out.

The first story is that she was drunk and they refused her. Now this. I'd like to hear some witnesses on this. Because this is atypical behavior at best. Then, on what is not an empty street at that time of night, she doesn't scream for help if he's threatening her? The owner and staff might have told the cops a lot more than the cops told the press. Because the first question that comes to mind is if she was known there, had she hung out with the bouncer in the past, was there any reason for the owners to trust the bouncer with that woman and him not returning in a minute or two. Because all he had to do was put her in a cab, five minutes at most. If it was any longer, someone should have been looking for him.

Because I can't see this guy brutally killing her for being a drunk girl. If that was the case, he'd have a body a night, several actually.

Anyone tempted to blame her is dead wrong. Because I've seen this a thousand times and no one wound up dead. The blame here lies, besides the man who killed her, with the management of the Falls. Because they know female patrons get friendly with the staff, it's good business. It's up to the owners and managers to make sure that they hire honest, reliable people. If one of their bouncers was a violent felon with anger issues, it was only a matter of time before he hurt someone. And the fact that he worked for them is their fault.

posted by Steve @ 5:06:00 PM

5:06:00 PM

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