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Comments by YACCS
Friday, March 24, 2006

No reason to celebrate

How'd that get there?

OK, racist RedState Ben has resigned from the WaPo in a graceless way, blaming everyone but himself for his racially insulting comments and open plagiarism.

And yet daddy is still proud.

He shouldn't be, and we shouldn't be celebrating.

This is a disgrace for the Washington Post. Ben Domenech was hired because of connections and there was no due dilligence on his writing or his background. No copy desk staffer straight out of U Maryland would have been hired that way. So why was he?

Jim Brady's leadership skills are questionable, and his employment on Monday, if he retains it, will be due to the bloggers he so eagerly attacked only a month ago. Because if Domanech had been writing for a month or two and this came out, Brady would have been fired on the spot and he knows it. Deborah Howell, who he defended with passion a month ago, tossed him under the bus so quick, heads spun.

Jim Brady will owe his employment to the skills of bloggers who ended Domenech's employment at the Post before it got all over DC black radio. That would have turned this into a major problem for the paper. Calling Mrs. King a communist, something I keep harping on, because it is so vile and such a slander on her character and patriotism, and something so deeply racist, I wonder where a 24 year old learned this. But once it was clear that he did so, that ALONE should have been cause for ternminating him.

Let me explain why. Before 1939, the Communist Party was the leading movers for civil rights in the US, long before it reached the mainstream. But in 1939, the communist party split because of the Nazi-Soviet pact, with many people leaving because of the alliance. This would come to haunt them in the 1950's during the McCarthy era. As the Civil Rights Era took root, agencies like the Mississippi Sovergnity Commission and the FBI, which had 5 black agents, including Hoover's driver, were looking for "outside agitators" leading the civil rights movement.

By the 1960's, one of the common charges was the King was a communist, was surrounded by communists and influenced by them. Of course, they considered integration a form of communism. They even tried to use HUAC, the House Unamerican Activities Committee, to prove this. It did not die in the McCarthy era.

This is not common knowledge, not anything close, unless you've read King's biographies by Garrow and Branch or are a die hard racist.

Now, if I know this, why didn't Jim Brady.

Also, why didn't he ask questions about Red State. One of their founders works for Wal Mart as an online consultant, as well as the GOP, another proposed the extremely controversal Georgia Voter ID law. I see some conflicts here. Then there was the fact that his father was a conduit for Jack Abramoff. Any one of those could have blown up in Brady's face.

But in the end, the killer was the plagiarism.

Domenech took other people's words and presented them as his own. He stole from PJ O'Rourke, Salon, and the Washington Post. Didn't Brady read this kid's work? Didn't he check for plagiarism? Did he even ask about it?

The reason this is important is simple: it's the worst thing a writer can do.

It is unforgivable to steal other people's work and present it as your own. It is lazy and dishonest, for one thing. It is also highly unethical.

Jim Brady is very lucky this was discovered before Domanech had logged any time on his site.

Oh, and Dana Milbank can continue to be unimpressed with people who were complaining about the original hiring, but, it was those same people who defended his ass when he was making funny with Keith Olbermann. The fact that he continues to do so is due to the people who stuck up for him. He should remember that.

Now, of course, this is all inside baseball, but keep in mind, that's why so many of the GOP gits are on TV. Ann Coulter doesn't own a TV station. Someone puts her on air. The same with Domanech and his friends. Someone thinks their opinions are valid and puts them before the public. The only problem is that they don't look too hard, and then they get embarassed.

But what bothers me is that it is perfectly acceptable to be a conservative Republican and say the most vile things about blacks and their leaders and find an audience, even be defended by some. And that the Washington Post hired one of these people and didn't fire him outright. and then they wonder why people don't subscribe and why people turn to the Internet

posted by Steve @ 5:10:00 PM

5:10:00 PM

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