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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The News Blog and race

My grandson is going to work
for the Washington Post.....
in the bizarro world

It's occured to me and Jen that the right wing has grown increasingly open in it's racism in the last few months.

When I started this blog, the first post was a swinging attack on black conservatives, but the right wasn't really a topic which came up much. not even in the Iraq war to a large degree. But for the most part, it was more about black culture and folkways, not politics.

2004 was pretty much the same.

While I'll admit my sambo depiction of Michael Steele was mean and blunt, besides the caterwalling of the right, which was easily disposed of, race still wasn't a massive topic here.

That changed with Katrina.

For some reason, the right blogzombies felt free to attack black people with a vengence. From Jonah Goldberg's jokes about people drowning in the Superdome to John Derbyshire's comments that blacks didn't have 'self-control". From then on, the racism has ramped up to an incredible level.

Then you have Bill "Slots" Bennett calling for genocide and his loyal negro retainers defending him.

At every turn, black conservatives have defended white racism, no matter how demeaning it gets or how much outrage it causes normal people.

The King funeral seems to have brought the racists out like roaches in the light. Racist Redstate took the lead with its insults on black culture, then Racist Redstate Ben jumped in and called Mrs. King a communist.

Jesus fucking Christ, the only time I heard that was when the segs spoke in the mid-1960's.

And this is the person they hire to become their first in-house blogger?

Are they kidding? Would they hire someone who said the Bush girls were drunken whores or that white people are blond hair, blue eyed devils? Of course not. So why is the WaPo hiring a man who thinks the Kings were communists?

They don't give anyone else this opportunity, but he gets it, for what reason? Balance? What balance, is there a left wing blogger who thinks 9/11 was a government plot? Hiring Restate Racist Ben is like hiring one of the Farrakhans to write opinion for the Post.

And that could never happen.

posted by Steve @ 6:08:00 PM

6:08:00 PM

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