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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

NAACP? Why bother?

Fuck the klan. They'd fuck you, given half a chance.

Grand Moff Texan posted this charming item up.

The 90% White Party - It's that Way for a Reason

It's not that all Republicans are racists. It's that every racist is a Republican.

Yeah, we knew that:

Lobbyists are obviously getting very cozy attending the weekly staff meeting of the Republican Study Committee, a coalition of House conservatives. At Monday’s RSC staff gathering, one lobbyist raised his hand not to ask a question but to berate a leadership aide over the leadership’s decision to push a resolution praising the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He told the aide that GOP leaders “ought to lay off the bong.”

The lobbyist, Dennis Stephens, a longtime Republican activist with an extensive history on Capitol Hill, surprised many in the room with his outburst. He called the NAACP resolution “crazy” and said he wouldn’t be able to explain it to his clients.

This isn't about one man popping off about the NAACP. He's a marketer, of a kind. It's his business to know his market, and his market is the people who own the Republican party.

They would never understand, according to him, why the GOP should ever say anything nice about the NAACP. Ever. Anything.

This is the GOP. They took the south by absorbing the racists LBJ chased out of the Democratic party, and now they don't even bother with the sheets.

We should keep this on file, every time Lynn Swann says something about the Dems not treating black people right.

It seems more and more that for a black person to be a Republican is about the same as a black person joining the Army of Northern Virginia.

Let's say it again: the GOP is an active participation in the subjugation of minoritites, but their problem is that the clock is running.

Black people need to stop pretending. There is one party who works with us, there is another party who is determined to limit our participation in American life unless it is on their terms. One of them needs to be stopped. And that party isn't the Democrats, OK. A foot in both camps? Not when one wants to chop your foot off.

posted by Steve @ 3:43:00 PM

3:43:00 PM

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