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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, March 25, 2006

I wouldn't want to be you on Monday

This is NOT a meeting of
Red State board.

How can you tell?

Well, there's no waving Stars
and Bars for one thing. And
Box Turtles

Mike Krempasky, responsible for the sewer which is now the imploding Red State, had a few words to say about the embarassment which is now Augustine-Ben Domenech. We don't link to hate sites, but these are his words.

On behalf of RedState
By: krempasky · Section: Miscellania

A young man took something and called it his own. He owes apologies to those writers, his editors, and especially his friends who have rushed to his defense in the past 48 hours. It is an embarrassing offense -- and one rightly criticized.

All of the leadership of RedState has struggled mightily over the past few days, and have tried at every step to take the right course of action. Now that the story is complete, we can move on.

If you, as many have done, dedicate thousands of man-hours to scrutinizing of his life's work, you'll find two things: First, you'll find several instances of this behavior, some attributable to youth, and some not. Second, you'll find an amazingly talented writer, a man of principle, and an earnest young activist seeking not to advance himself -- though advance he did -- but the things he believed in.

Certainly it may seem strange today to describe him as a "man of principle." But those who know Ben -- and all of us on the RS leadership team do -- know that he is passionate in his beliefs. They also know that he is human. It was ignoring this humanity that led to our earlier posts about the situation. It is fitting then, that he chose “Augustine” as his nom de plume here at RedState – for who could serve as a better reminder of the full potential of fallibility and sin – and yet existing within that peril - real hope of forgiveness.

And for his failing, his career is in ruins, and his public reputation is in tatters. It is a long road back for Ben Domenech. And he's going to pay a steep price to regain lost trust among colleagues, readers, and friends.

And you know what? He'll take the time to wander in the wilderness as he rightly should. He'll walk that road. The least the rest of us can do is be waiting for him at its end. So today, the world thinks ill of Ben Domenech. But perhaps it should step back a bit. His crime was not mortal, and his character is not irredeemable. Indeed, most of his friends believe this episode a _deviation_ from a core character that is fundamentally good. He is my friend. He is our friend and will remain so. He needs some time away from this – and he’ll get it in the form of a leave of absence.

Putting aside the charge for which Ben has been pilloried and you're left with is a particular group of critics. Unlike Ben, there is far less hope for their redemption. You see - before they settled on the attacks on his writing - they spent three days proving that they are the lowest of the low. Charges of racism were born of poor reading comprehension. Threats of violence. Obscene commentary about his mother, his sister, his father. Loathesome, vile, and disgusting - their contempt for civil behavior surpassed only by the emptiness of their own souls. These are a people that see a man who gives up drinking in the middle of his life for the sake of his family, and respond by creating rumors of cocaine addiction. These are ignoramuses that think portraying an African-American politician as Sambo is appropriate, as long as the critics are liberal and the target is a Republican.

Our critics can raise their glasses and toast to what they think is success – tearing down a flawed conservative. But therein lies their greatest weakness: destroying a conservative is not to destroy conservatism. And while they put all their energy and venom into this campaign, it is worth remembering that for all the noise – they have yet to present a real alternative to an America that rests on the foundation of freedom, free markets and family. Against that, the only answer they have is yet another personal attack.

Are we talking about me, motherfucker?


So let's talk.

First, Mike, it's really simple. Linking black crime to birth rates is racist at it's core. Why? Uh, because there is no evidence that black children will commit crime or their not being born will prevent crime

People who are poor and black are a drag on society. We would all be better off if there were fewer of them. Since we have, with little success, spent trillions of dollars over the past several decades trying to make poor blacks non-poor, it is time we recognize that there are more efficient means of eliminating the drag. Stated so bluntly, many readers might find that way of putting the matter morally problematic. The extermination of anti-social elements does, after all, have a somewhat controversial history. One thinks, perhaps inevitably, of the Holocaust, but it did not start or stop there. Six years ago, economist Steven Levitt and law professor John Donohue sparked a brouhaha with their claim that abortion is probably the greatest crime-prevention measure ever invented. Now that argument has received renewed currency in the bestselling book Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Levitt and his co-author Stephen Dubner. In recent years there has been a 30- to 50-percent drop in crime, and many explanations are offered: new policing methods, more than two million people behind bars, the drop-off in the use of crack, and on and on. But a careful analysis of the data, say Levitt and company, indicates that the biggest factor, far and away, is that the millions of young men most likely to commit crimes were killed early on.
notice that many other commentators make a point of saying that this discussion is not about the rightness or wrongness of abortion. It just happens that killing black babies has the happy result of reducing crime. I do not question the research or logic of Levitt's argument. If a specifiable group is inordinately responsible for a social problem, it follows that eliminating a large number of people belonging to that group will reduce the problem. It is hard to argue with that. What is morally odious is the cool and disinterested way in which the commentariat is discussing what might fairly be described as racial cleansing.

Since you insist I misread this, let's deal with the assumptions here. I'll even color code it for your sorry ass. Oh, by the way Mike, I'm old enough and dealt with enough white people, and have enough of an education to know when an argument is offensive. And if this was the ONLY link to his racism, I might believe you, but it's not. But we'll save that for the end.

1) Why is black included. While Neuhaus may be pro-life, this comes from the racist assumption that poor blacks are a special drain on society. Hmmm. Why is that? Is it because he wants to shock the audience? Maybe. Maybe not. But the fact is that largest group of poor in this country is white women. Aren't they a drag as well, or does race obliviate that. At best one can say the choice was unfortunate and a failed attempt to garner sympathy for his position

2) The idea that most poverty money went to blacks is, wel,l comical. The average welfare recipient in America is a white single mom. This is not an argument based on fact, Mike. It is fact free. Here's a handy chart
Since it's a bit hard to read, Mike, the blues are white, the reds are black. What the bar chart shows is both the percentage of people who are poor within their population, and those in the general population. What it shows, Mike, is that more Latinos are poor as a percentage of Latinos than blacks are poor than blacks. So why aren't the abortion of Latinos a way to eliminate crime? But then, you'll notice the second chart which show whites are a third more of the poor than blacks, and that's with only 10 percent of the white population regarded as poor. So using this logic, one could say aborting whites would eliminate far more poor people than blacks. Another chart shows the overall decline of poverty in all populations

Now who committs crime in America?

According to the FBI

By Age, Sex, and Race

Law enforcement agencies that contributed arrest data to the UCR Program reported information on the age, sex, and race of the persons they arrested. According to the 2004 data, adults accounted for 84.2 percent of arrestees nationally. (See Table 38.)

A review of arrest data by age from 2003 to 2004 showed that arrests of adults increased 1.6 percent. Arrests of adults for property crimes increased 2.1 percent, but arrests of adults for violent crimes dropped 1.6 percent over the same time span. In contrast to the 2-year arrest trend of adults, the arrest total for juveniles in 2004 decreased 1.7 percent from the 2003 figure. Over the same 2-year period, arrests of juveniles for violent crimes declined 1.0 percent and for property crimes dropped 2.9 percent. (See Table 36.)

By gender, 76.2 percent of arrests in 2004 were of males. Males accounted for 82.1 percent of the total number of arrestees for violent crimes and 68.1 percent of the total for property crimes. (See Table 42.)

A review of the 2004 arrest data by race indicated that 70.8 percent of arrestees were white, 26.8 percent were black, and 2.4 percent were of other races (American Indian or Alaskan Native and Asian or Pacific Islander). Of all arrestees for violent crimes, 60.9 percent were white, 36.9 percent were black, and the remainder were of other races. Of all arrestees for property crimes, 69.3 percent were white, 28.2 percent were black and the remaining 2.5 percent were of other races. Whites were most commonly arrested for driving under the influence (893,212 arrests) and drug abuse violations (821,047 arrests). Blacks were most frequently arrested for drug abuse violations (406,890 arrests) and simple assaults (288,286 arrests). (See Table 43.)

Levitt doesn't say black, and for a good reason, more whites are arrested for crimes and aborting white babies would be far more likely to reduce the rate of crime. But that isn't the argument Neuhaus makes, is it?

Then. his logic jumps into the river and goes for a swim.

According to Human Rights Watch working off the Bureau of Justics Statistics, blacks are far more likely to be jailed for offenses whites are not

Rates of Incarceration of Black and White Men

Since most inmates are adult men, an even more significant measure of the extent of racial disparities in state prison populations and of the sheer magnitude of black incarceration is obtained from comparing the racially disaggregated incarceration rates of men over the age of eighteen.27 In no state are black men incarcerated at rates even close to those of white men (Figure 4). Nationwide, black men are incarcerated at 9.6 times the rate of white men. In eleven states, black men are incarcerated at rates that are twelve to twenty-six times greater than those of white men (Table 5). Thus, in Minnesota, the state with the greatest racial disparity in incarceration, a black man is 26.8 times more likely to be in prison than a white man. In Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, a black man is more than fifteen times more likely to be in prison than a white man. In the District of Columbia, black men are incarcerated at 49 times the rate of white men.

The rate at which black men are incarcerated is astonishing. There are 4,630 black men in prison nationwide per 100,000 black men in the population, whereas the rate for white men is 482.28 In ten states and the District of Columbia, black men are incarcerated at staggeringly high rates that range from 5,740 to 7,859 per 100,000. In contrast, the range among the ten states with the highest rates of white male incarceration is 620 to 1,151. The highest rate of white male incarceration (1,151) is lower than the lowest rate of black male incarceration (1,195). According to Department of Justice calculations, if current rates of incarceration remain unchanged, 28.5 percent of black men will be confined in prison at least once during their lifetime, a figure six times greater than that for white men.29

Because of their extraordinary rate of incarceration, one in every 20 black men over the age of 18 is in a state or federal prison, compared to one in every 180 whites. In certain states, the incarceration of black men reaches devastating levels: in Oklahoma and Iowa one in every thirteen black men is in state prison; in Rhode Island, Texas and Wisconsin, the figure is one in every fourteen (Table 6).

Mike, you can see where this is going. Blacks are not more likely to commit crime than whites, they are far more likely to be arrested and jailed for it. So the supposition that blacks are largely responsible for crime and then aborting black babies would solve the crime problem are wrong on their face. Levitt specificially doesn't talk about race and Neuhaus's logic is steeped in racism.

Now you can try that misreading bullshit with someone who can't read, but as these little charts show, Neuhaus was at best, sloppy in his logic, because he correlates race and crime in a way no one else does outside the Pioneer Fund and Charles Murray.

But I think young Ben posted that up because HE misread it, and liked the idea of calling blacks criminals. A famously lazy mind like his might make that assumption, despite the facts. Why would I think that? Well, because he called Coretta Scott King a communist and praised Jefferson Davis. No matter how you cut it, Mike, that shit is just racist.

I mean, YOU don't believe the Kings were communists? Right?

Now it's show and tell time:

This was a billboard posted around the South. They even had postcards made.

What was this really about?

Well, Mike, it centers around the Highlander Folk School (now Highlander Education and Research Center). Why was it called communist? Red banners? Support for the Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War?


Integration. Hard to believe, right?

The Highlander Folk School at Monteagle, Tennessee, has earned its bad reputation over a long period of years as a result of its left wing programs, the Communist-front taint of its leadership and the disgraceful conduct of school leaders when called upon by congressional committees to answer justified questions about its operations.

More recently, attention has been centered on Highlander Folk School because of its emphasis on forcing racial integration and the accompanying deterioration of harmony and disruption of goodwill upon the South. It is a gathering place for leaders in agitation of racial issues. When criticism arises, the school has always been able to count upon statements of defense from a clique of left-wing "do gooders" whose prominent positions in various fields have been tarnished by their misuse of them in this and similar respects.

It is not at all surprising, but is noteworthy, that one of Highlander's integration workshops this year will be addressed by none other than Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Mrs. Roosevelt's name long has been linked with the school, she having been one of its early contributors and sponsors.

Mrs. Roosevelt's participation in the Highlander Folk School program will not raise either its reputation or hers. But considering both the school's record and Mrs. Roosevelt's record, their new association will probably damage neither, since both already have sunk so low.
That's right, Eleanor Roosevelt was supporting "communists" by supporting intergration.

It seems anyone who supported the school was a communist. Even a first lady. Might the term "communist" be used for another, darker, purpose here, Mike? Tarnish the idea of integration?

According to the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture
Frustrated by the continued reluctance of existing organizations to overcome racial barriers to change, Highlander's teachers began holding workshops on public school desegregation in 1953, nearly a year before the U.S. Supreme Court's momentous decision in Brown v. Board of Education and the subsequent emergence of the Civil Rights movement in the South. Residential workshops gradually encompassed the challenges of community-wide integration. The sessions attracted hundreds of black and white activists including, shortly before the Montgomery bus boycott, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. Highlander-sponsored Citizenship Schools, first held in 1957 on the South Carolina Sea Islands, taught thousands of blacks in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama the literacy skills they needed to secure the right to vote. In the early 1960s, as sit-in protests erupted in Nashville and across the South, college students gathered at the folk school to explore the possible directions and goals for a new era of black protest; they also learned "freedom songs" adapted by Highlander musicians, including "We Shall Overcome." Through these programs Highlander became the educational center of the early Civil Rights movement.

The folk school's involvement in the southern labor and Civil Rights movements earned it both accolades and enmity. Even as Eleanor Roosevelt, Reinhold Niebuhr, educators, ministers, union leaders, philanthropists, and reform groups voiced their support, staff members endured a barrage of threats and denunciations from industrialists, politicians, self-styled patriotic groups, and journalists for unfriendly newspapers. As Highlander became more prominent in the struggle for racial justice, outraged southern white segregationists launched a sustained assault against what they described as a "Communist training school." Although faculty members defended the school's ideology and pedagogy eloquently and often persuasively in the face of such attacks, their understandable, but loose institutional practices made them vulnerable in the 1950s. Following a headline-grabbing investigation by state legislators, a police raid, and two dramatic trials, the state of Tennessee revoked Highlander's charter and confiscated its property in 1962.

This did not mean the end of Highlander. Before the final court decision on the folk school's fate, Highlander officers secured a charter for a new institution to be named the Highlander Research and Education Center. First based in Knoxville, and since 1972 near New Market, the center continues to pursue, in a new context, the folk school's original purpose, as given in its mission statement: to educate "rural and industrial leaders for a new social order" while enriching "the indigenous cultural values of the mountains."
Now, Mike, see the problem here? It's a pattern. He misreads a poorly thought out anti-abortion column and posts it without comment, he called Coretta Scott King a communist on the day of her funeral and gives a lame refutation of it under pressure. And toss on Jeff Davis, and you have someone who has a problem with race. Specifically, the equal and full rights of African-American citizens of the United States

But that's hardy unknown at that little sewer you run. Mr. Erickson's little voter suppression program, Blanton's unvarnished racism. It seems you've got quite the Klavern over there. Box Turtle Ben's just brought it all to light in the worst way possible.

Now about Michael Steele

Michael Steele was called Sambo because he refused to condemn Bob Erlich attending an all-white country club. He defended this by saying "it's not a big deal" . Well, it was and it is.
Then, in a bid to garner white sympathy, he made up an incident about being bombarded with Oreos at Morgan State. The audience didn't see any flying Oreos, the janitor didn't clean any up, but this fiction was repeated as fact by the GOP.

You may not like it, but black people hold a dim view of those who grovel for white acceptance at any price. Upon reflection, I would not have used the term Sambo. Because it wasn't nasty enough. I will now refer to him as Uncle Ruckus, the white-worshiping, self-hating character from the Boondocks. See the show, and you'll wish I'd stuck to calling him Sambo, Mike.

Since you run a 527, how much money have YOU raised for Mike Steele? I bet not enough for a coke and a smile. Why? Well, you guys seem to have an issue with black votes, insulting them, working to deny them , a whole nasty sewer of race hate under the barest cloak of denial.

But I feel for you. Because your clients at Wal-Mart Stores (you can google for contact info) and the RNC have to wonder what the fuck you and the Klavern are up to. You're supposed to keep this stuff among you white folks, not post it online.

We know about your problems with Ruffini and the rest of the crew at the RNC, Had quite a chuckle over them. Trying to get them to buy into the net without oversight.


They can't trust you to buy a fish sandwich given the antics of your crew. You'd probably come back with burnt wings or a hot dog. This week, Red State went from an annoyance to a liability. Because your guys are spoiled little conservatives with no sense that the country or the world is larger than you.

Yeah, about Monday. Your clients, especially Wal Mart and the RNC, are gonna have some sharp questions for you, or not, but if I were you , I wouldn't count on the not.

Why? Because both groups have their little black problems, Wal-Mart several class action lawsuits, the GOP, Bush's 2 percent favorable rating among black voters. What they don't need is association with a barrel of racists, spewing hate and working to restrict voter rights.

You, through your association with Red State, might be a liability. After all, people are going to wonder why they should pay you to give them problems. You didn't write the stuff, but you founded it. And as Garance Franke-Ruta wrote, you guys are fast becoming the best argument for regulating the blogs.

Didn't count on that, huh?

Malkin and the NRO ran from you like you were a suicide bomber. Their lack of support was quite amusing.

And your cult worship of the dry drunk in the White House would be funny, if people weren't dying.

But you know something, even though Box Turtle Ben is an unreconstructed racist with some very sad ideas, that isn't the worst thing he's done, not even the chronic and ongoing word theft.
It was that damn Marine Sniper cup.

You should have told him to stop selling that long ago. Because unless he's in the Marine Reserve and been to the school at Quantico, he has no right to it, None. There's a war on and if he likes Marine snipers so much, there's a billet for him at MCRD Parris Island so he can start on that road.

Ignorant racism and pathetic explainations, I can deal with. Trying to claim the glory of men who are at risk every day and some who have died doing their duty, while sititng on your ass and letting daddy get you jobs, is the worst thing of all.

posted by Steve @ 8:53:00 AM

8:53:00 AM

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