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Comments by YACCS
Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How irresponsible can you be?

So, I can follow them around, right?

Gawker puts celeb stalking on the map

You can run, Lindsay Lohan and Leonardo DiCaprio, but you can't hide.

New York celebrity life just got harder with today's launch of's "Stalker" feature that can post celeb locations on the Internet, complete with a map, within minutes of each sighting.

"We'll be using the Google Maps program," the snarky Web site's editor, Jessica Coen, told me yesterday, "and people can look at them as soon as they come in — as close to a live sighting as possible."

Coen, who has hired two extra interns for this purpose, predicted: "The celebrities, I'm sure, are not going to like this any more than they like being trailed by paparazzi."

She's certainly right about that.

"As innovative as it might be, it dangerously puts these people in harm's way. Somebody's going to get hurt," warned flack Leslie Sloane Zelnik, who reps Lohan, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher and other soft targets.

"These people are trying to lead a normal life, and I think at some point the government is going to have to step in and regulate this. I really think this crosses a line."

PR divo Ken Sunshine — who reps DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck — called the new Gawker feature "unbelievable."

"I do wish they were funnier and spent less time inviting scary stalkers to go where celebrities might be — particularly celebrities with children," Sunshine complained.

Coen retorted: "I think the government should get involved to stop Leslie Sloane Zelnik." As for Sunshine, "I know Ben Affleck is his prime client, so now that he has kids, we'll try to go easy on Ben."

But she promised that Gawker will be lightning-quick if Osama Bin Laden is sighted. "We'll post it on our Web site before we tell the government."

Jessica Coen is a fucking idiot and Nick Denton would do well to shut her up.

Whoever thought this up is a cretin who has little ability to foresee the havoc this will cause. Real-time celebrity spotting isn't just stupid, it could lead to legal liability if someone is harmed.

Let's play the Natalie Portman game.

We all know she has.....devoted fans. So, if she decided to go to Strand and Circuit City, you're going to direct a couple of hundred Star Wars geeks down there on a womanhunt? So if someone is on a date, are you going to send a bunch of people to ruin their dinner?

Paparazzi are a pain in the ass, but once they get the shot, they're off to get paid. They aren't beating off to Natalie Portman in their basements and putting up her picture and sitting through Closer. What Mr. Denton should realize that while this may be cute, it could create another Rebecca Shaeffer incidient, where a young actress was stalked and killed with info he got from a PI.

At some point, you have to sit back and say "yes I can do this, but doing so is both irresponsible and potentially dangerous. "

posted by Steve @ 1:03:00 AM

1:03:00 AM

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