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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, March 04, 2006

How Goddamn stupid can one person be

We're the Fox police and we're
coming your way

Bill O'Reilly is a first class idiot. Getting some retired detective happy to sniff Bill's jock to try and intimidate a caller?

But let's not pretend this happened in a vacuum. No one who values their job would approve this without the boss, in this case, Roger Ailes, giving a thumbs up.

They will do a lot to keep O'Reily happy, but at some point, they need to say no.


Because the motherfucker is unhinged. Too much money, too little criticism, and he thinks he's some kind of pasha. And he's a bully to boot. But one with no sense of limits. He's making Olbermann richer with his comments. His writers just have to check Media Matters for his idiocy of the day.

I mean he flipped out on Terry Gross, who looks like she teaches kindergarden. The woman is elven for God's sake, like 5 feet and 100 pounds. I'm surprised her ears don't come to a point.

But the fact is that O'Reilly is making himself a lame duck, just like Republican TV and radio. Will MSNBC actually have the brains to extend the liberal franchise and dump Scarborough and Carlson and hire some actual liberals. Look at two of the best rated and most infliential shows on TV, The Daily Show and Countdown.

The GOP era is coming to an end. Look at Air America's growth and the move of Howard Stern to sattelite radio. People are tired of the talk radio bullshit which doesn't match reality. Part of the reason it grew was the dominance of a few radio networks.

Well, with Stern gone, CBS lost $9 Billion dollars in the 4Q 2005. Wait until 1Q 2006. But more on that later.

Fox's audience is aging and less valuable.

Yet, O'Reilly rages on.

Someone stop him before Keith makes him cry on air. Or Nick Kristof or George Clooney.

posted by Steve @ 2:45:00 AM

2:45:00 AM

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