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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, February 09, 2006

Yeah, yeah, lecture us on being black, please

I don't know anything about black people, but let me comment
all the same.

Our friend August J. Pollak posted this up:

As a white guy, did you just throw up right now?

The most disturbing part of the fake outrage over Coretta Scott King's funeral is the absurdist mentality of right-wingers on black outrage. I can't think of anything more insulting to an entire race of people than acting as if they'll change their minds by simply telling them they're not feeling the way someone wants them to.

I know, despite CNN's attempts to the contrary, that Rev. Lowery received a standing ovation for pointing out that there weren't any WMDs in Iraq, which is apparently outrageous because it's, well, true. However, I'm not a black person, so it's impossible and ludicrous for me to consider I know how black people "should feel" overall about the anti-Bush comments delivered yesterday.

You see, I'm not as lucky as Day by Day cartoonist Chris Muir, who has an imaginary black friend to tell him how outraged black people should be.

Let's analyze this strip, shall we? In the first panel, token liberal woman asks her black friend how, as a black man, he reacted to the funeral. Quickly, black friend shuns liberal woman and her petty liberal dividing of people by race and says that, nay, as an AMERICAN, Democrats ruined King's legacy by continuing to divide people.

And it's a good thing Muir had his character say that he doesn't see the issue as just a black man, since Muir doesn't have a goddamn clue what black people think about anything.

See, the problem Muir faces in his strip today is that most black people in America don't like the President. They don't support him, or his policies. So the first thing Muir has to do is pretend that actually isn't the case.

Thankfully, he has the power of setting up a perfect scenario in which his thoughts about black people won't be seen as pathetic and meritless as they truly are. If it wasn't for the character being black, the entire "gag" wouldn't have made any sense. It was necessary to have the black man say that all races should be outraged at partisanship.

Now, I noted above I'm a white guy so I can't tell how black guys think. But I can take a stab at how some white guys think. And with my experience in white ignorance, I'm pretty sure that whether he realizes it or not Chris Muir is too stupid to see the racism and irony in specifically choosing to have the black guy be the one to say that other people are being trying to use race as a political issue.

When I started writing this post, I was furious at Muir; now I'm just sad. It's depressing to me that he doesn't understand his racism. He doesn't realize he is; he'll never believe he was. Black people should be just as outraged as white people at the comments delivered at the funeral- not because he has any understanding of black people, but because the figment of his imagination told him so. And right-wing bloggers will chuckle at this one like all his other fabricated liberal-vs-conservative scenarios: oh, those silly, stupid black people! When will they smarten up like this imaginary conservative and realize how liberals are bad for them? Get it? It's funny!

And so we are left with Chris Muir, who if deserving of any credit it should be for his total mastery of creating straw men day after day (heh) to strengthen his opinion that liberals are intolerant and divisive. Since the trademark of the Right seems to be ending posts with faux-sincere "advice" for the opposite side, by all means allow me to return the favor and offer some helpful advice to right-wingers chortling at "their" cartoonist: if you're at the point when the most prominent black person you can put on your side of an issue is a fictional character in a white man's shitty webcomic, your authority on cultural unity escaped this planet's gravity quite some time ago.

Update: More on Muir's imaginary black friend from the ever-talented Jason Yungbluth. It's interesting to see how many strips Muir made where a black man was conveniently around to mock black liberals.

He has to create his own version of Uncle Ruckus to make his points. As a genuine black man, I have a better idea of what a period is like than he knows what black people think.

He thinks he's being hip, but suit, minstrel outfit, makes no difference, it's still Uncle Ruckus.

posted by Steve @ 12:26:00 AM

12:26:00 AM

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