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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What a tool

Kristof? Yeah right, and Jenna's
gonna join the Marines

Atrios pointed out this humorous column

Time for an Extreme Makeover at the White House

Published: February 21, 2006

President Bush now has a public approval rating that is 33 percentage points lower than President Clinton's was at the time he was impeached.

But wait! Mr. Bush's presidency may be caught in a profound malaise, but he can still rehabilitate himself to some degree — if he acts quickly and decisively to reshuffle his administration and approach to governing.

But Mr. Bush today is not retooling; he's hunkering down in the bunker. Instead of the Reagan approach of 1987, it's the Nixon approach of 1973. It just increases the national polarization and doesn't help Mr. Bush.

So he should start over. For starters, here are four suggestions:

• It's time for Dick Cheney to announce that he must resign because of poor health. His approval rating is only 29 percent, and his replacement could presumably be somebody far more popular, like Condoleezza Rice.

• Don Rumsfeld should also step down. And just as President Clinton appointed a Republican as secretary of defense, Mr. Bush should appoint a Democrat, like Sam Nunn.

• Mr. Bush should publicly admit mistakes and reach out more to Democrats, and even his critics. Mr. Bush has taken a few steps in this direction in his second term, but not enough.

• Mr. Bush should emphasize policy goals that can generate bipartisan support. Mr. Bush's recent push for alternative energy sources was a fine example of that, as are his efforts to organize a U.N. peacekeeping force to stop genocide in Darfur. A trip to Africa to meet Darfur refugees and see how U.S. programs are fighting AIDS and poverty would help build bridges to critics at home and abroad.

Frustrated by the lack of television coverage of the genocide in Darfur, I used a recent column to announce a pledge drive to sponsor a trip by Bill O'Reilly to Darfur. I was deluged by 6,675 pledges, averaging a bit more than $100. The grand total was $727,568, so Mr. O'Reilly will be able to fly first class with the very best satellite phones and fill his water bottles with San Pelegrino.

And Jenna Bush should walk into the nearest Marine recruiting station with her sister and five of her friends and sign up for MP duty and request Iraq.

Nick, where the fuck have you been since 2001?

Bill O'Reilly isn't going to Darfur and George Bush is going to ride his doom train of an administration to humiliation.

Rice? Come on, Republicans don't even like black wingnuts, there is no way Rice could be a successful VP.

Get rid of Rummy? Yeah, he should.

Nick, here's the deal: these people think they run the world. Dick Cheney shot a man and all we have is bullshit. Despite the fact that out of 1.1 million hunting licenses issued in Texas in 2005, only 30 hunting accidents resulted. It does not happen all the time, but that's what they told us.

They will not save themselves. Bush will be chased from office like a fox in a hound hunt, because he has zero survival instincts. His daddy has saved him from himself since he was a junior boozehound. He no longer listens to his daddy.

Dick Cheney thinks he's Prime Minister. And like all American pretenders to the PM's throne, he will sooner rather than later, find out that is not the case. I mean, he didn't even tell Bush that he shot a mutual friend. The dumbest OG wouldn't have done that.

Oh, and most Dems with a brain no longer trust Bush to pee in a toilet. He's screwed them too many times to be trustworthy.

See any dragons lately? I hear they're as real as anything you've proposed.

posted by Steve @ 12:34:00 AM

12:34:00 AM

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