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Sunday, February 05, 2006

What are YOU doing instead of watching the Super Bowl

One of the many things that I would rather do than watch the Superbowl

Jen here again. Tonight, needless to say, I am not watching the Superbowl. Gilly is. He is watching it on a giant plasma screen somewhere in Hoboken, while eating various saturated fats and yelling "Fuck" a lot. I was invited to this. I politely declined. :D

Actually, we were supposed to go down to Chinatown in NYC today to have Chinese New Year food at Fulan Seafood and watch the lion dances. However, at around 5 PM last night, I got some kind of 24-hour virus--at first I thought I had a migrane, which scared the crap out of me. However, when I started to puke up to the point of dry heaves, I knew that it was probably the odd yakitori that I had eaten the night before. One
Vicodan (see, wisdom teeth extraction DOES have positive health effects), some Pepto Bismol, three aspirin, and twelve hours of sleep later, I feel somewhat better.

So, today, I'm doing everything that I had to do yesterday but couldn't because I was puking and not being able to look into strong light.

I have some nice easy spiced rice in the Rice Spaceship (set up long-grain rice with a cinnamon stick, two cloves, and two bruised green cardamom pods). Later, I will make "Banging Bart"--the corruption of an Indian name for a super easy eggplant dish (yes, the tummy is 100% hungry again). Otherwise, I will either channel-surf, watch a movie, or just try to organize the paperwork/magazines all over the place in my apartment. Then, I will wait for the mob at the sports bar on my corner to start piling out and urinating near my stoop.

So....what is everyone else doing instead of watching the Superbowl? All readers encouraged to reply, even those abroad who don't know and don't want to know what the Superbowl is.

(Oh, and if that pic choice above grosses you out, here's another take on Piercings Gone Bad):

Will probably post in the Luxury thread later also.

Will also nag Gilly relentlessly until he gets my Blog email up: Jenonymous at Gmail dot com

posted by Jenonymous @ 6:01:00 PM

6:01:00 PM

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