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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Violating the 11th commandment

Arrogant beyond words

Republicans blast Blackwell’s ads, but some analysts see value in them
Gubernatorial hopeful must separate himself from Taft, pundits say
Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Joe Hallett and Mark Niquette

Roll over Ronald Reagan. Your disciples are speaking ill of fellow Republicans.

Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell proved that this week when he attacked his gubernatorial primary election opponent, Attorney General Jim Petro, with radio and television ads that stunned Ohio’s political establishment.

Blackwell, who has climbed to the top of GOP polls with his creativity and audacity, signaled early that the campaign for the party’s nomination May 2 will be messy and he left pundits debating the wisdom of his strategy.

"With any kind of negative campaigning, there’s a risk that the mud splatters on yourself, so Blackwell must feel that’s a risk he can take," said Bob Clegg, senior vice president of Midwest Communications and Media, a Columbus-based political media consulting firm.

In what Petro’s campaign labeled a "vile attack," Blackwell unveiled ads that accuse Petro of demanding "campaign kickbacks" from outside lawyers that his office hires, prompting an "FBI probe." And in a bid to tie Petro to scandals that have tainted the GOP and its leader, Gov. Bob Taft, the spots accuse Petro of having "ethics worse than Taft’s."

Asked about the ads yesterday, Taft said, "It’s disappointing that instead of addressing the issues, the Blackwell campaign has started out by throwing mud. I would encourage both candidates to address the real issues."

The ads also drew a harsh rebuke from Ohio GOP Chairman Robert T. Bennett. And state Sen. Joy Padgett, of Coshocton, Petro’s running mate, predicted yesterday that they will backfire on Blackwell.

"I believe the message of negativity is not the one that’s going to prevail," she said. "Ronald Reagan was right. Ken Blackwell is wrong."

Political observers aren’t so sure. In an election-year headlined by scandals, when even 65 percent of registered Republicans say Ohio is on the wrong track, some observers say Blackwell is positioning himself astutely as a reformer.


William C. Binning, chairman of the political-science department at Youngstown State University and a former Mahoning County Republican chairman, said the major risk for Republicans is that Petro will respond in kind, bloodying both candidates and making it easier for the Democrats in the fall.

"It’s doing the work of the Democrats," he said.

That negro's crazy.

Does he really think they will let him attack Petro like he was one of them?. That's mighty uppity of him. My bet is that he's gonna get hammered by his "friends" in the GOP. A lot of white people are saying they will vote for him that will certainly do no such thing. Making Petro into a victim is just creating an excuse for them to vote for him.

"You know, Blackwell is just too negative".

Watch that meme spread.

posted by Steve @ 12:35:00 PM

12:35:00 PM

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