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Comments by YACCS
Monday, February 13, 2006

The most dangerous game

Dick Cheney: Manhunter

You know, they say once a man has a taste of blood......

Rove: So Whittington's down for the count?

Cheney: Yes. Down and out.

Rove: You're so lucky

Cheney: This is a secure line, right?

Rove: Of course.

Cheney: Thank God they don't know about the manhunts.

Rove: Well, we had to do something about those prisoners in those black prisons.

Cheney: You know, there's nothing like tromping across the Polish countryside with the scent of man in the air. You hear his panicked footsteps in the mud as you take aim.

Rove: Anyone ever escape?

Cheney: No, we have a Polish Army sniper who kills them if they cross on to a road or something, but when they don't eat for a week and are tossed out of a car, their ability to run is well, hampered.

Rove: Isn't that cheating?

Cheney: They're terrorists, we can't let them escape.

Rove: But isn't dropping prisoners from Gitmo into the Hill Country risky?

Cheney: They're half crazed as is. After a day of tromping around the thorns, a gunshot is the nicest thing we can do for them.

Rove: But what if the media finds out?


Rove: Yeah, sometimes I crack myself up. Media. They report what we tell them. So what did Whittington do to get shot?

Cheney: We're saying he walked behind me, but the SOB said he'd heard Condi and Laura had had it out and we can't have that sort of loose talk. Especially with a bottle of peach schnapps in me. You know what that does to me. It riles my blood up.

Rove: Thank God Armstrong's a team player.

Cheney: She's rock solid, a stand up girl

Rove: But you know, Whittington could croak, he's 78

Cheney: Well, you'll just Swift Boat him.

Rove: Of course

Cheney: Later.

Rove: Good hunting

posted by Steve @ 1:31:00 AM

1:31:00 AM

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