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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, February 23, 2006

Let;s see if this works.

I'm the man

Dear NewsMax Reader:

Ken Blackwell, the Republican candidate for Governor in Ohio, is in a tough primary fight. Ken is a cultural and fiscal conservative -- a true heir of Ronald Reagan. He has spent thirty years championing lower taxes, less government, and family values. As a black Republican, Ken is Jesse Jackson's worst nightmare. Democrats say defeating Ken Blackwell is one of their top priorities in 2006. Ohio was crucial to President Bush in 2004 and it will be for the GOP again in 2008. Please read the below urgent letter from Ken Blackwell and Ohioans for Blackwell, our sponsor today. Ken deserves your support!

Thank you.

Dear Friend,

I am involved in the fight of my political life. Although the latest polls show me ahead of my primary opponent, he has already spent $1.6 million on the TV and we expect him to spend almost $2million more. He has gone and will continue to go negative.

We must set the record straight. Can I count on your help right now? We must raise $125,000 in the next two weeks to respond. Can I count on you to click here and contribute as much as you can?

Only with help like yours can we win this campaign. Pundits have called this "the most important race in the country, with serious 2008 Presidential consequences" and I couldn't agree more. Not only am I the best hope of defeating the Democrats in November, I am the only candidate who offers real change to the people of Ohio.

You and I have the same conservative beliefs. We hold life sacred, we agree that marriage is a union between a man and a woman, we believe in lower taxes and less government.

Help me with my campaign today. Please click here, go to my web site and contribute now.

Thank you in advance for your support. I am honored to have friends like you.


Ken Blackwell and Ohioans for Blackwell


If you want to toss your money away in Ohio, send him some money.

But my bet is that he falls short. The GOP isn't great at online fundraising to begin with, and well, Newsmax's audience isn't all that inclined to stick up for black folks, noate how craven they are.

posted by Steve @ 11:10:00 AM

11:10:00 AM

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