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Monday, February 20, 2006

I have compelling ideas on winguttia

Let me say, I oppose all forms of Papery
Roman influence

Carpetbagger report has the following

A comeback for Swiftboater Corsi?

Of all of the partisan attack dogs from the Swiftboat smear of 2004, few were as thoroughly discredited as Jerome Corsi. The man was not only caught lying about John Kerry's heroic military service, Corsi was also exposed as a bigot, having condemned Islam and Roman Catholicism, among others. As Corsi once put it, "boy buggering in both Islam and Catholicism is okay with the Pope as long as it isn't reported by the liberal press."

And what's Corsi up to now? He's publishing a book with Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate J. Kenneth Blackwell called "Rebuilding America."

According to the publisher, Blackwell and Corsi have teamed up to write "a blueprint for a new War on Poverty," which calls for an "ownership society." (It appears to be a fairly predictable, unoriginal right-wing attack on government programs that benefit families in poverty.) The publisher adds that the book "is meant to be a blueprint for John Kenneth Blackwell's campaign for governor of Ohio."

The Ohio Democratic Catholic Caucus believes the Blackwell/Corsi partnership should be a far bigger deal.

Mr. Blackwell has apparently decided to cast aside "Catholic" families and "Catholic" working people as well as his Catholic roots from his days at Xavier University. Like the chameleon he is, Blackwell has set a new course for promotion of the one he cares for most — himself.

In doing so Blackwell has chosen a well known anti-Catholic to co-author his new book. Well known for his role with the notorious "Swift Boat Veterans," Jerome Corsi has a well known reputation for being a basher of the Catholic Church. With disparaging remarks that referred to John Paul II as "senile" and "boy buggering" as common practice for Catholics, Corsi has made his personal dislike of the Catholic Church clear.

By any reasonable standard, Corsi should be politically radioactive. Maybe Blackwell has forgotten, but one in five Ohioans is Catholic. Why on earth would a Republican gubernatorial candidate get within five feet of Corsi, worse yet write a book with the guy?

Shouldn't a leading Republican gubernatorial candidate who crafts a blueprint for government with a discredited bigot face at least some consequences?

Blackwell thinks he can do what white candidates can do. He will find out the difference. He will be hammered for this, and that "owenrship society" nonsense? Just because you act like a member of the club, don't expect to be treated like one.

This will be amusing.

What's next? A book claiming the South should have won the Civil War?

posted by Steve @ 12:31:00 PM

12:31:00 PM

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