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Thursday, February 09, 2006

He wants a job at Adult Swim

Wants a cool job

Alum swims for Cartoon Network

Published , February 06, 2006, 06:00:01 AM EDT

Charles McCarthy never imagined himself diving into Adult Swim, much less swimming with the big guys.

Now the University alumnus, who also goes by “Chuck,” aims to be a full-time employee for Cartoon Network’s nighttime program “Adult Swim.”

During a grueling two-month process, McCarthy submitted writing and animation samples and attended interviews with producers and creators of “Adult Swim” shows such as “Squidbillies,” “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and “12oz Mouse.”

In an effort to speed up the hiring process and increase his chances of employment, McCarthy began a letter-writing campaign in December through his Web site

His online blog musters support from friends and Cartoon Network addicts, alike. Posting updates of his ventures in the art world, McCarthy keeps his loyal fans up to date on his application process. McCarthy’s Web site also features a petition for his employment with over 200 signatures, as well as an online store selling T-shirts and undergarments sporting his name.

Thanks to his blog, McCarthy now has a rival — Alexander Cain, known as “Alex C.” — who also is contending for the animator position at “Adult Swim.”

The dispute began after McCarthy posted a comment in the “Adult Swim” section of His comment was answered by Cain, and the two men’s rivalry has since erupted into frequent e-mail exchanges and the posting of witty comments on each other’s blogs.

But the feud has only added more fuel to McCarthy’s creative fire.

“I just think he is jealous because he didn’t think of (the blog idea) first,” McCarthy said. “If I had an arch nemesis like him in college, I probably would have been student body president

Why is this up?

Because Chuck sent me an e-mail.

Now, normally, I would shake my head, lecture him on the futility of such a quest and be done with it.

But he gets points for being a serious applicant.

Williams Street, the producer of some of the Adult Swim cartoons, can pick and choose whom they hire, with nearly every animator in the country looking for a gig there. If he got through a two-month process of submissions and interviews and they didn't bounce him, well, he's serious.

A lot of times, you get fanboys who would do anything to get a job at .......EA. Rockstar. well you pick the company. The problem is that anything isn't what it takes. It takes a skill, and no small amount of talent.

It was just such a shock to get an e-mail from someone who might actually have a realistic shot a job people want, that to not post it up, after seeing so many idiots who go about everything wrong, would be wrong.

I don't know if the folks at Adult Swim will find humor in this, they should, but then, as Jim Morrison said "you cannot petition the Lord with prayer".

But then, considering his job will be to be funny, humor might just work.

Anyway, any time I can write about someone not being an idiot online, well.....let's just say when it comes to jobs, it's not all that common.

posted by Steve @ 2:25:00 AM

2:25:00 AM

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