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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Frugal Geek's Greatest Resource

I got a part for one of these

Okay, everyone, let me share One of the Most Useful Links/Sites I've found in a while:

CompUSA Part Search

Now, normally we don't do commercial plugs here. But this site has parts not just for computers and tech toys--it has parts for literally hundreds of thousands of home appliances. How did I find it?

Well, when I was grooving on my ear infection LAST weekend, I was trying to nuke some frozen soup. I wound up breaking the wave diffuser on my 1996 vintage microwave--that's the bit that basically diffuses the microwaves (hence the name) so that you don't get hotspots. Well, it cracked when I tried to pry some nuked soup bit off of it.

Now, I love my old microwave, and more to the point, I figured that this was an easily-replaceable part, as it was only held in by gravity behind slots anyway.

I went to the Sharp site, which was useless--of course, they had no resources for older out-of-production models. After some more Googling, I triangulated the exact part number that would fit my old model--it's not exactly the kind of thing that a company would change between models.

And behold, I found it at CompUSA PartSearch--for under $5. Yeah, with shipping, it's more like $11, but it's still easier and cheaper than getting off my ass on a Saturday, braving the trip out to Circuit City, and schlepping a microwave home.

Got some old semi-functional appliances? Need stuff like oven light covers, electric razor bases, fridge parts, and so on? Give this site a spin before you chuck otherwise-functional items out.

posted by Jenonymous @ 5:57:00 PM

5:57:00 PM

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