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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

FEMA strikes again

What do you mean we can't go home?

Katrina Evacuees Face Hotel Deadlines Anew

By PAM EASTON, Associated Press Writer 30 minutes ago

HOUSTON - Thousands of Hurricane Katrina evacuees who have been staying in hotels at FEMA's expense will have to pay their own way beginning Tuesday unless they were able to arrange extensions from federal officials.

Hotel managers posted notices and slipped leaflets under evacuees' room doors informing them of the deadline.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will allow those who received extensions to stay through Feb. 13 or March 1, depending on their circumstances.

The agency authorized extensions for evacuees staying in more than 20,000 hotel rooms in more than 40 states. But about 5,000 evacuees nationwide did not contact the agency or were unable to get an extension.

"If they did not contact us or allow us to talk with them during our outreach efforts, we believe that they had a reason to do so," said the head of FEMA's transitional housing unit, Libby Turner.

FEMA said it has spent $529 million so far on putting evacuees up in hotels.


Jesus fucking Christ.

I guess Aaron McGruder was right, the leading cause of dead black men after pork chops is FEMA.

I wonder if they've calculated the suicides to follow. Many of these people have no money, no way to rent an apartment and no place to go.

But let's cut taxes.

posted by Steve @ 1:50:00 AM

1:50:00 AM

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