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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Can you believe this?

Do not call in a bomb threat here



February 8, 2006 -- EXCLUSIVE

A dimwitted teen phoned in a terrifying bomb threat to LaGuardia Airport - forcing panicked passengers to evacuate a plane - so she could buy herself time to get on the flight to avoid an explosive love triangle.

Airheaded Anna Tarasov, 19, admitted to The Post yesterday that she came up with the scheme because the subway made her late for her impending flight from New York to Georgia to confront a jealous boyfriend.

"I remember thinking it wouldn't be such a big deal. It totally slipped my mind about the terrorists," the red-faced teen said. "Then it hit me. 'Of all the places. This is New York.' It was very stupid."

Tarasov's then-boyfriend was in Atlanta, where she has relatives. But Tarasov told authorities that she feared her jealous beau might try to board a flight from Atlanta to Minnesota, where her former loverboy lives.

"She said she was attempting to board [a flight] to Georgia because she wanted to intercept her boyfriend . . . who she believed was planning to fly from Georgia to Minnesota to confront . . . a former boyfriend," according to a complaint tied to the warrant issued for her arrest last week.

Tarasov said she was so late that she still missed the flight, even with the delay.

The FBI quickly traced the threatening call to Tarasov's cellphone

Although a warrant for her arrest has been issued, Tarasov said she has been in touch with authorities and they said they "will try to work everything out here in Atlanta."

Darwin award winner.

posted by Steve @ 2:33:00 PM

2:33:00 PM

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