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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Senator Pimpin' Style

Love that 'fro, bro. Where's your
pimp cane?

Peter Daou raises a good point here.

Disturbing Racial Overtones to Tim Russert's Obama Interview (cross-posted on HuffPo): In light of the still-burning Chris Matthews scandal, I watched Sunday's political shows with keener interest than usual. And something very strange happened on Meet The Press: Tim Russert asked Senator Barack Obama to respond to Harry Belafonte's remarks about George W. Bush being the "greatest terrorist in the world."

My question is, why? Why did Russert ask Obama in particular about the statements of someone who isn't an elected official, who doesn't speak for Democrats, who doesn't represent Obama, who doesn't represent the Democratic Party, who is entitled to his own opinion.


Since when does an elected Democrat have to answer for the words of a citizen, however outrageous, even if that citizen has a public profile? And what's the real motive behind bringing the Belafonte quote into a discussion with Obama? The guilt-by-association game between terrorists and Democrats has been in hyper-drive this past week, with Matthews and MSNBC, the Bush cheerleaders at FOX, Bob Schieffer and others ramming this RNC-driven talking point down our collective throats. Was this just more of the same?

Not to mention the painfully obvious racial angle...

Didn't they get the memo that Sen. Obama is some kind of radical/pimp who defends all things black people say.

What the fuck did he expect a United States Senator to say?

"Goddamn right, Bush is a motherfuckin' terrorist. They ought to lock his punk ass up for killin' all thme people. You got his daughters number? I need some new product for the stroll. What? What the fuck are you looking at, you fat, white motherfucker, I'll put your punk ass out on the street as well, you best stop giving me that look.''

"Security? Fuck security, I got your motherfuckin' security. Not my fault you white folks hate when we drop science. You better sit your punk ass down before I pop a cap in your motherfuckin' ass. Better yet, I'ma take you out to Anacostia and work you over like them motherfuckers in Hostel, bitch."

Obama, like too many liberals, try to play nice when asked stupid questions, which implies weakness.

All he had to do was ask: "did you ask me that question because I was black? Because as I understand it, Mr. Belafonte is entitled to his opinion, and is alone accountable for it. When was the last time you asked a white Senator to account for the ravings of Pat Robertson, who unlike Mr. Belafonte, has the ear of the President and the national media."

posted by Steve @ 4:18:00 PM

4:18:00 PM

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