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Sunday, January 29, 2006

One person at a time

Just one person at a time

STOPPING Alito : a simple method to ratchet up the pressure
by Troutfishing [Subscribe]
Sat Jan 28, 2006 at 05:22:22 PM PDT

I've been amazingly uplifted by the upwelling of opposition, on this site and others, supporting a filibuster of the Alito nomination. My personal gratitude goes out to everyone who has been pouring in time to make this a possibility, to stiffen the backbone and resolve of the Democratic Party.

Now, as I read over the various DailyKos front page stories and recommended diaries on ways we can influence more Senators to commit to filibustering Alito , I noticed that one tactic - one major point of leverage - which seemed obvious to me has not yet been mentioned.

So, here goes

Calling and emailing and faxing are great places to start of course. But, beyond that, here's what I'm going to be doing tonight and tomorrow to stop the Alito nomination...

It's simple : I have my Rolodex ( old school ) and I'm simply going to call people I know - one after another - to convince them to make their own phone calls, send emails, and faxes, sign petitions.

And, if they are especially frisky, I'll work to convince my friends and family to join with me and do the same : to spend a couple of hours calling people they know who likely would be receptive, to convince those folks to take action....

How far will these waves ripple ? I don't know. That's beyond my power to predict.

But, I can say this with certainty :

NOT all those who are dead set against Alito and willing to take action to promote the filibuster are on the Internet, and MANY have not noticed the rapid upwelling of opposition on the net which has stiffened the resolve of Democrats in the Senate.

No, indeed. The DailyKos, and the various other blogs and sites working for a filibuster, are not the whole universe of the left - not by a long stretch.

But, if everyone on this site, and allied sites, who already has called, emailed, faxed, petitioned were to convince people they know - people who don't frequent Internet political sites and may not be fully aware of the gathering push for a filibuster.....

Well then. We could double the numbers of people applying political pressure to support the filibuster.

As Georgia10 said, let's get to work.


What I've just sketched out is basic political organizing, but I suspect the apparent power of the Internet - in politics - has clouded a basic truth :

Sites such as the dailyKos excel at gathering like minded folks, yes. But the people we can exert the most powerful direct influence on tend to be those we know personally, people whose hands we've shaken, people we've hugged, cried and laughed with.

The Christian right - which now sees in Alito the culmination of an over two decade political organizing project bent on achieving political supremacy and theocracy - rose to power initially not on rivers of cash or ties to powerful politicians. Mainly, at first, the Christian right built political power the old fashioned way - through hard work, personal networks, skillful organizing....

So, back to the filibuster :

If every person here on the DailyKos and elsewhere on the net who has already lent their voice in support of the filibuster also can convince just one friend, relative, or associate to join in, well then - Senators who might support the filibuster but don't currently will suddenly notice that popular support has doubled. Convince two people, well then it triples.

Can you convince one other person to join in ? I can. Can you convince two ? Three ? I bet I can do that as well.

As Georgia10 said....

I wouldn't waste my time with wingnut relatives, but if you have friends who share your politics, why not ask them to e-mail someone or call. You can't spam or pester people, but you can ask people who might be receptive.

Here is an action plan for the rest of the weekend from Vichy Democrats


“The Woodstock of Politics”
– a caller to The Young Turks radio filibuster for filibuster,
about the grassroots Alito activism.

Sorry it took so long, but here’s the comprehensive game plan for WEEKEND activism. Please take time tonight and Sunday to fill up Senatorial inboxes.

There is a wonderful thing about calling your Senator on a weekend: HIS OFFICE IS CLOSED AND CANNOT ASK YOU YOUR ADDRESS. Leave a voicemail saying you’re a constituent (it’s true – you’re an American), and want a filibuster. They’ll believe you. Take advantage of it. Emails have the same benefit.

There will be a Monday Morning Game Plan waiting for you when you wake up Monday morning, and everyone should be awake and caffeine-fueled by 8:00 a.m. Eastern time to hammer these guys ALL DAY MONDAY before the 4:30 pm (Eastern) cloture vote.

WHAT MAKES THIS RESOURCE SPECIAL? Easy: it has the LOCAL DISTRICT OFFICE CONTACT INFO FOR EVERY KEY SENATOR. And their emails. And all their fax numbers. So fill up their Washington voicemail inboxes. Then fill up every district office inbox. Then fill up every fax machine. Then send emails to every one. Then sign the petitions and auto-faxes at the bottom of this post. YOU CAN GET YOUR MESSAGE TO ONE SENATOR TEN TIMES INSTEAD OF JUST ONCE. And they won’t know whether you’re one stupidly dogged person, or ten different people. Leverage, folks, leverage.

WHAT TO SAY: When you call, fax, and email, don’t waste time explaining why you don’t like Alito. Just make your points and get off the line so someone else can get through.

What do we say?

1. We are the hardworking Democratic base, and we are sick to our souls of supporting incumbent Democrats who don’t have the courage to stand up and do the right thing even when it’s hard.


3. If they aren’t willing to vote against cloture, then ASK THEM TO SIMPLY ABSTAIN – preferably, go visit veterans at Walter Reed Hospital at 4:30 Monday when the cloture vote takes place. ABSTAINING IS AS GOOD AS A “NO” VOTE ON CLOTURE.

If they ask for your zip code or address, give it. Some people advise giving false, local info (basically, just riffing on the area code and zip code info for that Senator’s local office); I’ll leave that up to you and your personal decision as to whether it’s immoral or whether it’s a necessary act of civil disobedience. Personally, I’m being honest, emphatic and sincere.

posted by Steve @ 12:00:00 PM

12:00:00 PM

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