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Monday, January 30, 2006

One more day

Fix bayonets. Charge!!!!

This is from Vichy Democrats


“The Woodstock of Politics”
– a caller to The Young Turks radio filibuster for filibuster,
about the grassroots Alito activism.

First, THANK YOU for your hard work over the weekend! As far as I can tell, all key Senators' D.C. voicemails, and over 90% of the voicemails in their various District offices, were filled up by the end of the weekend. I started hitting random extensions and leaving messages for poor hapless staffers. Every Senator will get the message on Monday morning. Awesome!

For today, I want to back away from the shotgun petitions. It's frustrating that no one in the Dem leadership will tell us who the "Alito 8" are (the Democrats who aren't hewing the party line), and we don't know how well Kerry and Kennedy are doing at moving them around to our side. But we can make an educated guess, and focus on those key Senators. In addition to calling their offices, we're also going to target their re-election campaign HQs. (A great idea thought up by our friend and fellow-traveler, Bob Fertik!) Finally, we're going to hammer away at a simple, but politically powerful, message.

Our theme today is: Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way. In political terms, that's:


People are arguing that people sat on their hands, this wasn't organized, we will lose.

My reply to that is simple: so fucking what.

We didn't fight over Ohio, we didn't fight over Terri Schiavo. We let the GOP fuck up and smiled.

That cannot last.

If this is not the reason to fight, what is? Do you think we can wait for the perfect campaign and the right ads? No one will care by then. The best is the enemy of the good.

We didn't need a campaign for this. We did it ourselves. Congress is flooded with faxes, e-mails and phonecalls. They will know when they get to work how many, many Americans feel.

Americans can tolerate a loser who fights hard, but one who sits on his hands? Never.

There's a movie on cable now, Miracle, about the 1980 US hockey Team. They had NO chance of beating the Soviets. NONE. They were college kids, and the Soviets were pros. They were expected to lose, badly. In fact, they weren't supposed to play the Russians at all. But they did.

They were playing and scoring and even into the third period, they expected to lose. But they won, and as people saw they could win, the support just exploded, they crowd went crazy and the Soviets never recovered.

Even fighting hard gets you respect. The 1998 US World Cup team embarassed itself while the French suprised everyone by beating Brazil. In 2002, the expectations were the same, but they won. They played hard and won all the way up to the quarterfinals, losing 1-0 to Germany who wound up playing Brazil in the championship game.

Did they win it all? No. But they proved two things: one, Americans could play soccer (they are the 8th ranked team in the world) two: that they could play with the best in the world and win, They weren't good enough to win, but the confidence which came from playing hard has set the course for the future of the US team. And the respect flowed from that. Because before then, the US had been a joke. Not after 2002.

posted by Steve @ 2:05:00 AM

2:05:00 AM

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