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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, January 29, 2006

Now for a commercial interruption


It's that time of the year again.


I know that you have some grumpy folks who think this can be done for free, but there also people who sneak out on meals and think it's funny.

The fact is that despite being underfunded and relying on your generousity and ads, we have mananged, in one week to:

Challenge the ombudsman and executive editor of the Washington Post

Reveal The Bush administration opposed a bill which would permit warrentless wiretaps

Encourage Democratic senators to reconsider a fillibuster on Judge Alito.

Consider what you get from your blogging dollar compared to other forms of media, which routinely insults your intelligence

You know about Ass Clown Media and their funding. Despite the numerous wealthy liberals around, we still live a hand to mouth existance. There are no grants, a few jobs and you. Without you, blogging goodness would not exist. This is a cooperative arrangement, you kick in what you can, and we do our best to be your voice.

But the fact is that we come to you for a very simple reason: we don't have the resources of the right. No one is going to bankroll this blog except the owners and readers. George Soros may be doing good work, but his money isn't going into blogs.

We're building a structure in months what took the right years to do, and are still getting results, regardless.

But we have to pay for it, just like we pay for the media we no longer trust. I was debating whether to wait or not, but since we have your attention, this was a good time to ask for help. Because, without us, Sam Alito would already be sitting on the bench, the Senators scared to risk something whuch would be hammered in the press with no support. But now, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry post on Kos. And that is our collective doing.

As usual, the snail mail addy is

Stephen Gilliard
217 E 86 St
NMB 112
New York, NY 10028

And no, this isn't my home address. :)

posted by Steve @ 9:03:00 PM

9:03:00 PM

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