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Monday, January 30, 2006

The news today

Bob Woodruff 30 minutes before he was

I was going to talk about the Senate Dems and Alito, but that isn't the news today.

It may be online, but it isn't off.

Because today, all the offline news sucked.....for Bush

Bob Woodruff's wounds is the first story from Iraq about someone people actually know. Just like the death of Peter Jennings personified cancer for people, Woodruff and his cameraman's wounds, have, for the first time, brought the Iraq War home. Jennings, Rather and Brokaw went to war after war and came home without a scratch. Ted Koppel rode all the way to Baghdad uninjured.

The journalists killed and wounded in Iraq have worked either behind the camera or in print, so no one knew them.

All of the newscasts, cable and broadcast, lead with this story and it made up most of ABC's newscast. And Elizabeth Vargas looked freaked most of the time on air.

So while we're kicking around the Dems for not filibustering, America was seeing the Iraq war with a human face. It has a human face for 16,000 families, but not for most of America. Not too many people know someone in Iraq. But they know Bob Wooddruff, because he comes in their homes every night.

But that wasn't the end of it.

A crying Jill Carroll was begging for her life on videotape. It was truly disturbing to watch.

Then of course Al Qaeda number 2 Al-Zawahiri was back in technicolor and taunting Bush, saying he lived in the "Muslim masses".

I guess aerial assasination has it's drawbacks.

One of the things about politics is that you can get sucked into the inside game easily. We did a good thing this weekend, but it fell short, for a host of reasons.

But if you watched the news tonight, that quickly took second place. Why? Because a line has been crossed in Iraq War coverage. It isn't strangers any more and that has shook the entire industry. Because anchormen were invunerable to mere bullets and bombs....until this weekend.

Sometimes we get cloistered in our battles in blogostan. But tonight, on the evening news, I heard the voices of the wounded loud and clear for the first time ever.

And that is not good news for Bush and maybe be the beginning of the end of the Iraq debacle.

posted by Steve @ 8:37:00 PM

8:37:00 PM

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