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Comments by YACCS
Friday, October 28, 2005

While we wait


Let me say this: ANY indictment of ANY White House official is a major triumph. Rove, Libby, it still doesn't explain away what happened.

We have been guessing what Fitzgerald will do for weeks. I think he will indict someone, maybe a lot of someones, but none of us know.

But he's played this to the last minute and the last down. But I think the signs lean towards some indictment. If he wasn't, he would have been wrapping up by now, people wouldn't be on tenderhooks. It isn't a game, if you're gonna skate, the prosecutor is going to not leave you dangling, running up your legal costs. Talk of renting more space would be ludicrous. Steve Clemons heard this earlier and said it was denied. Richard Sale said they were getting more space. My belief is that the people were told to back down to Clemons.

The source of mine in the real estate brokerage arena has called to retract information shared with me that the Office of the Special Counsel was expanding into 1401 New York Avenue. He states that "he just got it wrong."

In addition, the second source -- in the building -- says that he had a miscommunication with someone about this.

This was a flop. I believe in telling what I hear -- on both sides -- whether TWN got it right or wrong.

And in this case it was wrong.

Having been a reporter, two people getting something wrong, specific info wrong, is questionable, especially if they are independent of each other. But Clemons had no choice but to retract. Also having covered Real Estate, I know brokers love to chatter. My guess is that the brokerage got a call and was told "retract your comments to Steve Clemons if you want the deal". Because such a move is a big deal in RE, normally the releases would be out. But if Fitzgerald wants to run a tight ship, he'd demand a retraction. Like the idea that it took two years to get a website online.

Could it be all hot air? Sure. But I don't think so.

And this White House has been especially unlucky this year. The worst thing, a limited indictment and ongoing investigation. The best, no indictments.

The papers are being fed different things by their sources, some say the investigation continues, some say it will end. I think we will all be surprised.

But keep this in mind ANY indictment on this is a disaster for Bush and then Libby will, if he can, be highly motivated to flip on who? Bolton? Cheney? Imagine the trial, WH official after official dragged up to the Prettyman building. Even if only the small fry, Wurmser, for instance, was charged, a whole bunch of WH folks would have to testify under oath.

But the one thing I think is most indicative of trouble for the WH is that they are not knocking down the idea of indictments. They're going along with this. Hell, it may all be an act, but it doesn't seem like it.

If I'm wrong, I'll schedule beating hours. :)

Keep one thing in mind: no matter what happens, we still have work to do. A trial will not take back America.

posted by Steve @ 1:05:00 AM

1:05:00 AM

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