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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Time to hunt down the Bull Moose

Bull moose spoor

Joe Lieberman, Man of Integrity

The Moose defends the honor of a great Senator.

The Moose notes that at least two bloggers launched a McCarthyite assault on Senator Joe Lieberman - here and here. The attack stems from Joe's attendance at the 50th Anniversary Celebration for the National Review. As way of explanation, Senator Lieberman has a tie with William F. Buckley because he supported him in his first race against incumbent Senator Weicker. It is perfectly understandable, that despite his differences with the magazine and Mr. Buckley, he would attend this function.

However, the bloggers employ the most obscene guilt-by-association tactics by attempting to slander Senator Lieberman because the National Review was once opposed to federal desegregation efforts. What these bloggers do not realize, or else ignored, is that Joe Lieberman bravely stood up for civil rights long before they were born. In 1963, a young Joe Lieberman went to Mississippi to assist in the effort to register African-American voters. The following summer James Chaney, Mickey Schwerner and Andy Goodman were murdered in that state.

This is what I sent Wittman. No point in talking behind his back.


Did Joe Lieberman mention the long and openly racist history of the National Review?

Did he chide their current staff for their obscenely racist remarks around Katrina?

As a black man, I'm real glad Lieberman fought for civil rights long ago. But what good is that if he dines with racists now? And that is what Atrios pointed out, that NR has never renounced one racist word they have published. Not one. Not from Sobran or Derbyshire.

Wittman, I don't want to hear about the past. I want to hear about the present and why Lieberman would attend a function of racists. Why would a man of such character attend a meeting of such vile people.

Are you saying Atrios and Kos are lying? Or wrong? Because I think they did the appropriate thing in calling Lieberman out for associating with such vile people.

So why is he sitting at the head table of racists like Buckley, who's race baiting is legendary and archived, and Rush Limbaugh, who's disdain for blacks is well known.

No, I'm afraid your the wrong one here. Lieberman had no business at the National Review, except to protest it, and instead he sat at the head table. I think the Lieberman of 1964 would be ashamed of the Lieberman of 2005.

If any apologies are owed, it's from Lieberman associating with the Brooks Brothers racists set. Or you might think that the National Review isn't racist. But you have more sense than that.

posted by Steve @ 2:42:00 AM

2:42:00 AM

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