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Comments by YACCS
Monday, October 31, 2005

They think liberals are stupid

Rosa Parks lies in state.

Do they think we're idiots. We're not going to be fooled by Samuel Alito going to see Rosa Parks in state. It doesn't means he likes black people. We have his record. Where he was pro all-white juries and defended discrimination. It's a shame they have to stain her memory in such a vile manner, but they do have to run from their record on race.

In the last week or so, there's this alterna world where conservatives think Valerie Plame wasn't covert, despite the statement of fact and evidence in the indictment, Scooter Libby acted on his own and Karl Rove can still be effective.

Alito has taken some pretty ugly positions over the years. This may well turn into Bork II. The unpopular president picks a reactionary judge.

My favorite is that conservatives, faced with facts, like to say liberals are hate-filled people who want to kill babies and keep negroes on the plantation.

That would be compelling, except for one thing: they have no credibility.

For the sponsor of the Bell Curve to call a black man racist is like me calling Michael Moore fat. How that can be a credible argument is beyond me. It literally is like waving kryptonite at Batman. What is he supposed to do, run? Kryptonite has no effect on Batman. Maybe conservatives might one day realize it.

What they really fear is being called on their record on race. Once upon a time, the GOP welcomed black voters. That changed in 1972 with Kevin Phillips Southern Strategy. Now, Phillips has atoned and is persona non grata on the right, but the strategy is still alive. The problem with the current crop of black conservatives is that they are untrustworthy on basic issues of character. Which is to say that when they encounter racist behavior, they either deny it or defend it.

I mean, even online, you don't have to go far to find the racist underbelly of the right. There's the constant defense of the Bell Curve, Glenn Reynolds "Celebrate Diversity" shirt, The NRO's openly racist Katrina posts. Hell, Free Republic is less racist than that. They at least beat back the open racists. Odd, but you can see it. But when you have John Derbyshire say that blacks lack self-control and Jonah Goldberg was tickled at the idea of people drowning in the Superdome.

So when you state what is commonly accepted in black America, that the new black Republicans are an ineffectual minority who often disgrace themselves for personal gain, they act outraged.

Here's the deal: we're not stupid. We know what you think about black people and what policies you propose.

Another point: conservatives whine like children when you bounce them for being trolls. Despite the fact, among the few rightwing blog which has comments, any disagreement gets you bounced. Post a pro-Fitzgerald comment on and see what happens.

So they want to turn liberal tolerance and willingness to argue into a weakness. They want to run all over your site and troll and disrupt the flow of conversation, then whine when you ban them. Why? Because they expect you to remain passive while they destroy your site. You're a liberal, and that, to them, means you're a pussy. When you act to defend yourself, you're whining, you don't want to hear opposing opinions.

Bullshit. No one has a right to post on a blog. They are invited guests and no one needs a reason to boot any person at any time. The fact that they don't is a testiment to character. It's like a bar. When you act like an asshole, you get booted.

What they are most shocked by is liberals who defend themselves and don't curl up in a ball like they do. You're supposed to shrink away, accept their nonsense as valid.

But the reality is that most trolls can't hang without an amen choir. They need to have their idiotic ideas validiated. Now, there are some people who can argue effectively and defend themselves. But most can't and won't, so they slink off to the few sites on the right which allows for comments.

Liberals have to understand that conservatives don't want an honest debate in many cases. They just want to shut us up. They are astonished that we stand up for ourselves. Something most cannot do for themselves.

posted by Steve @ 6:06:00 PM

6:06:00 PM

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