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Friday, October 21, 2005

The power of self-hatred

Sho' glad to be in the United States, massa.
Whip me harder so I'll get my work done

This is from Media Matters
Audio link:

Now this is the craziest shit I've ever read in my life. Sober or Drunk. Crazier than Jennifer Lynch's novelization of Twin Peaks. Crazier than Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I mean the Unibomber's rant was more logical.

Project 21's Massie on Parshall radio show: Blacks "who curse America are cursing God" because God created slavery to bring them here

On the October 18 edition of the syndicated radio show Janet Parshall's America, Project 21 national advisory council member and columnist for conservative website Mychal Massie declared to host Janet Parshall that African-American churches today "have succumbed to hatred" and "disobedience to God." Massie went on to proclaim that "the black people today that curse America are cursing God because if God had not permitted the Ashanti and Dahomey tribes of ancient Africa to trap other Africans and sell them to Muslims, who sold them to Europeans, we would not have what we have today." Parshall praised Massie for his "straight talk" -- the name of a program Massie hosts on the conservative website -- and called him "brother."

Project 21, which bills itself as a "National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives," is a creation of the conservative think tank National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR). NCPPR's executive director, David Almasi, oversees Project 21's daily operations. Almasi, who previously worked for the Reed Irvine-created right-wing group Accuracy in Academia, employs spokesmen from a "variety of careers" throughout the country to promote Project 21's agenda through the media, academia, government, and business communities. Roll Call reported on October 19 that Jack Abramoff, a former NCPPR board member, used the organization to funnel $25,000 he received in lobbying fees from an Internet gaming company "to pay for foreign trips for Members of Congress and staff." Roll Call noted, as did The Washington Post, that this money was used to help fund a May 2000 golfing trip to St. Andrews, Scotland, that included former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX).

From the October 18 broadcast of Salem Radio Network's Janet Parshall's America:

MASSIE: There's a reason that the black family is in the state of destruction that it is today. At the close of the civil rights era -- and I submit that the civil rights battle has been won. It is over. Black people can do anything they want to do. There is no restrictions, apart from those that are self-imposed.


MASSIE: At the close of Jim Crow, at that closing of that civil rights era, of those battles, the black family -- 87 percent of black households were two-parent married families. Eighty-seven percent. Forty percent of the black households were business owners. Forty percent.


MASSIE: And, in 40 years, we have 90 percent black-on-black crime. Seventy -- a high 70 percent, near 80 percent, black illegitimacy. We have, in 40 short years, 10,000-plus children born in Philadelphia in 2001, 9,700 and change black abortions. We have three out of every five black pregnancies ending in abortion. Now, how did we go from a period of Duke Ellington to a period of Tupac Shakur?


MASSIE: How did we go from Nat King Cole to a 50 Cent, or Mystikal, or a Snoop Dogg? How did we go from dignity and honor and an impetus -- an importance placed on education to a thuggery? Rap and what we see today, you can't even call that gangster rap.


MASSIE: Because the gangsters -- and I'm not going to ask you to date yourself, but I'll date myself -- I remember the gangsters being those that were meticulously dressed, that wore the finest of shoes and set the fashion trends. These things today are street trash --


MASSIE: -- that have drug the family down, and the church, and Janet, I will go on record and I will not win any popularity awards, but it is the fault of the black church and the black community because the preachers have succumbed to hatred; they have succumbed to a disobedience to God. There is a parallel that I think needs to be pointed out. Had Joseph not been kidnapped and sold into slavery, he would not have been in a position to help his family in their time of need.

PARSHALL: Hmmm. Wow.

MASSIE: The black people today who curse America are cursing God because if God had not permitted the Ashanti and Dahomey tribes of ancient Africa to trap other Africans and sell them to the Muslims, who sold them to the Europeans, we would not have what we have today.

PARSHALL: Mychal, thank you very much. There is a reason why you host a program called Straight Talk, because you just gave it to us. God bless you, brother, appreciate you very much. We'll take a break, folks, and come right back.

He could no more say this in a Philadephia church than walk into a Temple with an SS uniform on.

Parshall has to know most black people don't even come close to agreeing with this insane shit.

That article I posted yesterday points out how offensive this is to most black people. And these folks are at their most craven before white audiences, a major social faux pas to many black people.

posted by Steve @ 3:17:00 AM

3:17:00 AM

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