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Saturday, October 29, 2005

My day

Pretty butterflies

If anyone cares, it's been an interesting day. I've been interviewed all over Maryland for my comments on Michael Steele and I was asked a bunch of questions.

Two of which were amusing:

One: If you were white would you have done it?

My answer: I'm not white, I don't know.

Two: Do you think a white blogger would have done it.

My answer: I don't know, ask a white blogger.

Of course, I have spent the last day dealing with a WaPo lawyer.

Seems they had a problem with the whole thing.

First, the quote, which I just left as a link

Then the photo, which I had forgotten was from their site and not public domain. Usually, for the controversal stuff, we like public domain.

So that had to be replaced.

Did I minstrelize him again? No. I just put his face, using a public domain photo, over money. After all, he' s not a Republican for free. Besides, I don't have the time to deal with him with Fitzmas in full swing.

Next time, it's a lawn jockey, or maybe a shine boy. We have more than one act in us.:) But the Simple Sambo tag stays. After all, he earned it.

So if people wonder why the article has changed, well, it was not worth a fight with the Post on a minor issue when we have much, much bigger fish to fry.

Now, some people might mistake this as regret. It is anything but. I was a bit sloppy and the Post, like anyone else can, asked that I respect their rights. Which is site policy. And their lawyer was civil and reasonable. Which is all I ask.

I won't shy away from a fight, as Michael Steele knows, but admitting error is what I learned as a Scout and serves me well. I should have been more careful, and they settled this without going to the mattresses. Unlike with the Chron, who lied about their concerns, the WaPo was up front. I made mistakes, they asked me to correct them and I did. Now, I could have gotten all huffy, but I wasn't right. And their lawyer was respectful.

Besides, my fight isn't with the Post.

It's with people like Michael Steele.

Two kinds of people responded to my post on Simple Sambo. One, white racists with mock concern who wanted to lecture me on race, which I could give a fuck about. In their world, black Democrats are on the plantation and people like Steele are heroes.

In their world treason is no big deal either.

Needless to say, their squeals come from the idea that a black man has opinions on who serves his interests.

The other is from black Marylanders, none of whom defended Steele and all of whom complimented me.


Because Michael Steele has 5 percent of the vote in Baltimore. Black Marylanders hold him in contempt. From what I understand, his blowing off of Ehrlich attending an all-white country club's function, was a major deal in the area.

Let me put it this way: I didn't say anything that most black residents of Maryland say openly about him. The difference is that I said it in a public way and people picked it up.

His spokesman said that this was a typical Democratic smear.

I called him a liar and said, more or less, that he knew that was untrue, I have no connection to Maryland, do not vote there, live there, or have any relationship with the Democratic Party of Maryland or any campaign in Maryland. He has no business blaming them for an independent person's private opinion. Also, that he knows his candidate has five percent of the black vote and is widely held in contempt by most black Marylanders and he might want to worry about that instead.

If it was me, I would have ignored it the minute I found out the person behind it was black. Because nothing else good would be said behind it. If I called him Simple Sambo in print, why would I not say that on the radio and remind people why I called him that. Which has to do with his cowardice and craven behavior. I stand behind my words. Otherwise, I'd work for the DLC.

Black political life is brutal. Ask Cory Booker or Barack Obama, and they're democrats. They were attacked as tools of the whites and sellouts and they're Dems. The GOP candidates are regarded as lower than whale shit.

Michael Steele, if he had any feeling, would have known immediately that this was from and could only be from a black person.

But we live in strange times. Black Republicans, who hold few political offices, have little black support and are widely and openly despised, have a public forum denied to most black pundits and writers.

If you wanted to gauge the real range of black political thought, the Millions More march was far more reflective of that reality. There is no more socially conservative figure in black America than Louis Farrakhan, yet his innate conservatism is misunderstood. When you have Al Sharpton and Farrakhan on the same stage, you have a political gulf a mile wide. What was surprising was not that, but Prof. Ron Walters. a moderate, sharing the stage with black nationalists. Yet, most of that was ignored.

It isn't that black people don't have political diversity, it is that the GOP panders to racists and expects blacks to go along with this. As I said. Jackie Robinson was a Republican. So was Sen. Edward Brooke from Massachusetts. They didn't leave the GOP, it left them. Up until 1960, memebership in both parties was nearly equal. Nixon got sizable black support and no one was called an Uncle Tom for considering voting for him.

When you have a black Republican on with a black Democrat, you are basically giving credence to 2 percent of the population versus 98 percent of the population. All day long, reporters were surprised that I made my comments, although the AP reporter was clued in to the open hostility that the GOP engenders among black people by his black editors.

Trust me, this is only news to white people.

I wish that Republicans would stop using that plantation metaphor. It is amazingly racist. And blacks who join this Republican Party are supporting policies which are harmful to the majority of Americans, but especially black people. Black Americans make rational, logical political decisions. It is a failure of the GOP that they cannot appeal to more African Americans. Not a failure for rejecting them.

Black Republicans are eager allies in the GOP's war on the unwhite. Well, it's time people fought back and exposed these frauds for what they are, self-serving opportunists who denigrate and harm black people for financial gain.

posted by Steve @ 12:00:00 AM

12:00:00 AM

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