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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, October 27, 2005

Let me clear this up

Sic 'em. Them Republicans are stealing our

Kos posted up on this

I am not mad they pulled the ad.

What I am outraged about is that his people didn't ask my side of the story first. They just reacted to a Sullivan e-mail campaign WITHOUT TALKING TO ME.

All they had to do was send an e-mail saying "Steve, we have a problem with the Steele picture, "

I've worked in campaigns, I know they would have pulled the ad, just to avoid controversy by association. WHICH I AGREE WITH. I don't want anyone to think I expected them to keep the ad up after the crap they got. I'm hardly that full of myself. I'm not going to censor myself, but they don't have to keep their ads on if it hurts them. Although that seems to be OK for Republicans.

But this is ridiculous. How many blogs will be attacked this way? No one pulls ads from the racist Malkin or LGF, hell Charles Johnson is forming Pajamas Media with people like David Corn. But we're supposed to be suppine when something comes up.

Look, I know I write things which sometimes make people squirm. And I certainly didn't expect any advertiser to endorse my words.

But what I do expect is to treated like an adult. And when adults have problems, they discuss them. Too many people, especially in politics, think all bloggers are 20-something kids ranting. I've been writing for 20 years, I know when I will give offense. A couple of days ago it was on homework.

If they had even given me the courtesy of an explaination, which they didn't, I would have explained why the ad was gone and that would be that.

It's not about the money, or the pull, but the utter lack of respect shown by the Kaine campaign. This site supports Democrats and liberals, which is why they bought the ad. My goal is not to harm campaigns. But I am not 20 years old. I am an adult and I would expect that the Kaine campaign would show me basic courtesy in explaining their actions. It was absolutely cowardly to handle it in such a way, and I think Mr. Rohrbach understands that now.

Now what do they have, thanks to Andrew Sullivan. Stories in both the WaPo and Baltimore Sun about this. Why? Well, after Michael Steele called me a racist I needed to defend my good name. I was going to not speak to the reporters, to not make this any worse. I think they got enough crap for one day. But because they backed away and Steele attacked me, as a tool of the Dems no less, a person who doesn't even campaign for candidates he likes, much less raise money, well it's silly, but I changed my mind. I think Lt. Gov. Steele will regret his intemperant comments, because I am going to be quoted on how he defended racists and why he has no support among black voters.

Campaigns need to contact blogs when there is a problem. My goal was not to give the Kaine campaign problems until they took the side of a racist and didn't care about mine. Support is a two-way street. When you treat your supporters as disposable, they can cause you problems as well.

Oh, and to all the Sullivan readers calling me a racist: ROTFLMAO.

I know you don't like black people to begin with, much less want to hear their opinions. Your mock outrage is amusing, following the lead of Andrew Sullivan. If he told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it? You would probably call Steele a nigger under your breath if you could. Don't act like you care, because you don't. You know you aren't going to vote for him, the fate of all black Republican candidates. So save the outrage. I don't really care.

If you valued black people as humans, you would hardly read his site.

posted by Steve @ 7:36:00 PM

7:36:00 PM

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