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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Inside the White House pt II

Days of Resignations and Investigations

Last episode, we saw the Bushes in conflict. Now, we see 43 defend himself

43: You were never there for me. Never.

Bar: George, that's not true.

43: You ALWAYS defend him. He has his whore working in the WHite House and you never said a word, I had to drive that bitch out. The no good son, the hatchman. You never let Jeb get his hands dirty, Jeb, with his mistresses, just like daddy, and that thieving Mexcan wife of his. He always got off light

41: Well, he never tried to punch me out.

43: Be careful old man and I might try it again.

41: You're too much of a pussy to try it.

43: Yeah

Bar: Shut up. Son, your father gave you every chance not to fuck up and he kept saving you, most men would have walked away from you like the bum you so desperately wanted to be. George, you spent more time running around and with your "friends" than with your son. You see why he resents yoi'

41: Yeah, you tried to turn him into a carbon copy of me and see how well it worked out. Look at him. He hasn't even shaven. Smell the booze on his breath? He's failed his entire life, no matter what we did, and now look at his punk friends. All jammed up with the cops and George is staring at them shocked that it happened. Well, son, you ran with those people and see where it landed you.,

Bar: Jim warned you about those people, how they always look out for themselves. You can't trust them.

41: Those neocons will ruin you, son

43: You're just mad because I did the things you couldn't, get rid of Saddam, win a second term.

41: Son, you're gonna go out like Nixon, drunk and bitter. Look at this. You think that Irish boy is gonna stop. He's gonna get Cheney, you know.

Bar: What did I tell you about that Rove, he isn't our kind of people. You can never trust him. At least Dick drank himself out of Yale. Now, I bet he's smirking, thinking you're gonna make this all go away. But you had to keep him on, keep that awful man on.

43: Stop it, mother, stop it. Why shouldn't I? I'm the President.

Bar: You're not the king, you silly git. No one will remember that turd Rove. They will always remember you. You're the President. You pardon them, they will always remember you as a crook and goddamn it, I will not have you tarnish this family's name for the sake of a few staffers. You WILL NOT DO THAT George.

43: But I'm the president

Bar: Let's stop with the formalities, George. You're a screw up and always have been. You're a drunk, have you seen a mirror? What are you, sleeping in your clothes? Now, Poppy will get a team together to save you, one more time, IF you can hold up, the first thing, we want someone reliable as Vice President, someone we can trust. Dick's heart is weak, he needs to escape the limelight. Your father thought we could rely on him, but we can't, not any longer. We think Colin would be a good choice, if not him then McCain. Someone who will help the party.

41: Fuck them. I don't need them

Bar: Son, that's the Jim Beam talking, shut it up. You need someone people can trust and Dick Cheney isn't it.

43: You're a cold blooded bitch, aren't you. You always have been

41: Watch your mouth son

Bar: You're goddamn right I am. Someone had to be. Your father thought with his pecker, someone had to be the man of the family.

43: I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do. You won't bully me like you did Poppy, you won't.

Bar: What? Are you gonna run to your mommies, cry on Condi's shoulder, run to Harry, call up Karen? I know all about your mommies George, and they can't help you, and that Xanax-popping Stepford Wife you married is as useful as tits on a bull. What is she going to do? Smoke another pack in her bathroom and wash it down with Bordeaux? All I will say about your children is that they disapoint me so, and that is your fault. I want you to understand something. Rove tricked you into office, but your day is done, you won't taint the family name for your bourbon-fueled ego. You will do what is right, George, or we will leave you to be disgraced and humiliated, what you've always feared.

posted by Steve @ 4:35:00 AM

4:35:00 AM

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