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Comments by YACCS
Saturday, October 29, 2005

Inside the White House pt 1

Yeah, Libby's been indicted, silly boy.

The Bush family is sitting in the White House family quarters

41 is standing, 43, sullen and silent while Barbara looks on

41: Son, you're in real trouble now

43: Whatever

41: No, son. You're in this up to your ass and I cannot fix it. I thought Dick would look out for you, but his ass is cooked as well.

43: I'll handle it.

41: Handle what? What are you going to handle? A prosecutor?

43: I'll pardon them

41: No you won't. You wanna be impeached like Clinton? People don't like you, George. You're mean and crude and this day has been coming for years.

I tried to warn you, sent Brent over, but no. You ran with that neocon crowd, wolfie, Ledeen the rest of them, and now where are they and where are you, in trouble. I told you this would happen. I told you from day one.

43: The hell with you. You have no balls old man. I do,. And you hate it. You hated it when I was a kid and you hate it now.

41: Son, I have bailed your ass out like a lifeboat. I was more of a man at 20 than you are today. Look at you, back on the bottle, alienating Laura, embarassing yourself. Little coward with your Potemkin meetings. Little gutless punk.

43: Go back to your whores. That's where you always were. Leave me alone, I'll solve this on my own.

posted by Steve @ 2:19:00 AM

2:19:00 AM

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