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Comments by YACCS
Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fox: the Southern Strategy News Network

Was this what he had in mind?

From Think Progress

JUAN WILLIAMS: You can try to minimize it, but the fact that you have Scooter Libby, so involved in justifying going to war, and in the posture of trying to smear a critic of that justification. I think is pretty revealing and pretty damaging to the Bush White House. I think they’re going to have to rebuild a sense of trust with the American People. And that’s why when Brit asked this question, why did he have to lie, he felt the need to lie if he did lie, but by all indications he’s going to say I didn’t remember it quite the way this person remembered and all the like. That’s not very strong in my book, and I think Fitzgerald did a terrific job on Friday. But the reason he felt the need was to make it clear that he was not involved in what really was a conspiracy to defame Joe Wilson.

BRIT HUME: Juan, somebody needs to hose you down.

Good to know that Hume has so many thoughtful arguments at his disposal to defend the Bush White House

Wow, so which Southern general does Hume play in reenactments? John Bell Hood? Nathan Bedford Forrest?

I mean, what an obscene, offensive thing to say. Why not say "someone needs to sic a German Sheppard on you." "someone needs to whip some sense into you," "boy, don't you get uppity with me,"

How Williams didn't kill him is beyond me.

Someone asked me how he could take a paycheck from Fox. Well, it's part of the Beltway Kool Kids Klub routine. Everything is cool until the mask slips. Then Williams has to face Hume's either open racism or ignorant insensitivity.

It's not the big things anymore, no one makes you shit in a seperate, dirty toilet, or watches where you drink water. They insult you, ignore you, demean you. Now, Hume is very unlikely to say something like that to Mara Liasson.

Now, what would happen if Williams had said on air :"You know Brit, that's a really racist thing you just said"

Oh, the conservatives would accuse him of being a race baiter or "too sensitive" to shut him up. The thing is that once someone says racism, that;s suppose to silence you.

The fact that you were offended is to mean nothing. After all, shouldn't Williams be happy to have such a nice extra paycheck? Besides, Hume didn't mean any offense, right?

posted by Steve @ 6:34:00 PM

6:34:00 PM

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