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Friday, October 28, 2005

A challenge to Robert George

Lapdog and master

Dearest Robert,

I would e-mail you this, but since you monitor my site, I will just post it up.

Robert, Robert, Robert, why did you need Andy Sullivan of all people, to stick up for you?

You know, even though we disagree, I thought you were a man.

I was wrong.

I mean, if you didn't like my illustration of Michael Steele, you could have e-mailed me ( or posted up. I wouldn't have agreed with you, but I would have respected you.

But you didn't. You ran to Andy "Bell Curve" Sullivan. My God man, have you no pride, no dignity. Not only did you need a white man to fight your battles, but a racist one at that. One who thinks blacks are intellectually inferior. People like you.

You didn't like when I said Deroy Murdock acted like a slave, but Robert, that was a move straight off the plantation: "massa, massa, that negro is getting uppity." When I didn't like what you said, I didn't go to Atrios to post up on it. You should have been man enough to confront me directly.

Did you even mention that I was, oh, black, before he embarassed himself.

Now, I could use all manner of NY street language to describe your behavior, but I won't. No need to sink that low.

Do you really think a man who has promoted The Bell Curve, which is Mongrelization or Segregation with charts, can call me a racist and have it mean anything? Do you think his fans have any effect on my thinking? Of all the people on the planet, Andrew Sullivan is not likely to influence me with his opinions on my racial views, and in this case, race wasn't the factor, but moral courage. If you don't want to be called a Sambo, don't act like one.

What did you think you were doing? Trying to intimidate me? Shut me up? Flood my mailbox with outrage? What were you trying to accomplish?

Well, here's a message for you: if Andy Sullivan doesn't like what I say, that's the point of the exercise. Little Green Fucktards, Michelle "I slander American heroes" Malkin?

Good. I want them to read this site every day and say: I hate that nigger, I wish he'd go away. That, to me, is success. First, it was Instacracker, then Jonah "Chickenhawk" Goldberg, now Andy Sullivan. All I need is the Powerline assholes and my collection of Conservative bloggers who hate me would be complete. Well, they hate me for being black anyway, but now they would have a reason.

I am really saddened that you didn't think you could deal with me on your own. Worse, that you think Andy Sullivan is someone whom you can trust. I thought you had some dignity. I expect that crap from Jesse Lee Peterson and LaShawn Parker, I thought you had some integrity.

What was your goal. Robert? Were you going to expose me? Robert, I'm black, I don't care what white conservatives have to say. They already hate me for my skin color, forget my politics. They are dedicated to making black lives harder. 97-98 percent of black people know that. It's a shame you don't.

You know, I've gotten far more support than comdemnation, and you know where a lot of that support came from? Black people. It's a wonderful feeling to have the community appreciate your words. It is a shame that you may never know that feeling.

But I will give you a chance for redemption.

How about a debate? At a suitable college campus, sponsored by a black student group. We show up and debate this question: the relevance of the GOP to African Americans. I'm willing to defend my views, including my Steele photoshop. Are you willing to defend yours without Andy Sullivan holding your hand and pushing you on stage?

Instead of hiding behind a white man, face me directly and defend your politics. That would be a worthy act, but given your recent actions, it is a challenge you are unlikely to accept.

posted by Steve @ 8:59:00 AM

8:59:00 AM

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