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Monday, August 08, 2005

The odor of the still

Hi, I'm Chris Hitchens.
me be witty

The Whisky -sodden troll speaks

Losing the Iraq War
Can the left really want us to?
By Christopher Hitchens

There is a sort of unspoken feeling, underlying the entire debate on the war, that if you favored it or favor it, you stress the good news, and if you opposed or oppose it you stress the bad. I do not find myself on either side of this false dichotomy. I think that those who supported regime change should confront the idea of defeat, and what it would mean for Iraq and America and the world, every day. It is a combat defined very much by the nature of the enemy, which one might think was so obviously and palpably evil that the very thought of its victory would make any decent person shudder. It is, moreover, a critical front in a much wider struggle against a vicious and totalitarian ideology.


The New York Times ran a fascinating report (subscription only), under the byline of James Glanz, on July 8. It was a profile of Dr. Alaa Tamimi, the mayor of Baghdad, whose position it would be a gross understatement to describe as "embattled." Dr. Tamimi is a civil engineer and convinced secularist who gave up a prosperous exile in Canada to come home and help rebuild his country. He is one among millions who could emerge if it were not for the endless, pitiless torture to which the city is subjected by violent religious fascists. He is quoted as being full of ideas, of a somewhat Giuliani-like character, about zoning enforcement, garbage recycling, and zero tolerance for broken windows. If this doesn't seem quixotic enough in today's gruesome circumstances, he also has to confront religious parties on the city council and an inept central government that won't give him a serious budget.

Question: Why have several large American cities not already announced that they are going to become sister cities with Baghdad and help raise money and awareness to aid Dr. Tamimi? When I put this question to a number of serious anti-war friends, their answer was to the effect that it's the job of the administration to allocate the money, so that there's little room or need for civic action. I find this difficult to credit: For day after day last month I could not escape the news of the gigantic "Live 8" enterprise, which urged governments to do more along existing lines by way of debt relief and aid for Africa. Isn't there a single drop of solidarity and compassion left over for the people of Iraq, after three decades of tyranny, war, and sanctions and now an assault from the vilest movement on the face of the planet? Unless someone gives me a persuasive reason to think otherwise, my provisional conclusion is that the human rights and charitable "communities" have taken a pass on Iraq for political reasons that are not very creditable. And so we watch with detached curiosity, from dry land, to see whether the Iraqis will sink or swim. For shame.

Between shots of scotch, Hitchens should realize that uh, Iraqis hate us. They may not all fight us, but they think our incompetence is purposeful, and designed to harm them. They kill our soldiers and do nothing. At every turn, they either look away or assist their cousins in the resistance. Iraqis could stop the violence if they chose. They choose to kill Americans or assist those who do instead.

So Chris, when was your last trip to Iraq? Why haven't you joined the US Embassy there? You expect others to fight this war while you get cihrossis of the liver.

Not very credible? Why do you back the corrupt, venal Kurds in their illegal land grab?

And what the fuck is a religious fascist? The two are not linked, in any way, shape or form.

But Chris, you must understand. Traitors like you wonder why the people you betrayed disagree with you? It is because Bush started this war and it's problems are his to solve, not ours. We didn't send the NKVD to manage Iraq's affairs after the war, brought back the Comintern to run the country and then disbanded the Army, which gave the resistance lots of expert, combat trained nationalist leaders.

Let's discuss Dr. Tamimi for a moment.

Most Iraqis are not impressed he came back from Canada to be a savior. He abandonded them during their time of struggle and now he wants to lead? Yeah, he has a lot of ideas, but without being supported by the Americans, his life would be forfeit. And that makes his job impossible.

If you haven't figured it out, let me explain: Iraq got billions of US dollars Americans could have used. If they can't solve their problems, call Bush. It was his idea. Is it our fault that the petroleum engineers keep blowing up their pipelines? Americans have no interest in raising money for Iraq. They got their share of American money.

They have the power to solve their problems if they were serious. They are not, and we cannot save them.

posted by Steve @ 6:02:00 PM

6:02:00 PM

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