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Monday, August 29, 2005

The Kombat Keyboard Badge

The Kombat Keyboard Badge with double

The kombat keyboard badge with single

The kombat keyboard badge

A reader, BOHICA, came up with the orignial image of the KKB, but I think you have to be able to offer multiple awards for the KKB.

You, can, of course, use these images for your own sites.

And since we need to start handing out these awards, why not start now?

These awards are restricted to those pundits who advocate the Iraq War, but refuse to serve or have family members serve, when eligible.

Those ineligible include Michael Ledeen, who sent his daughter to work in the CPA in Baghdad, The Bushes, since their children have not taken a clear stand on Iraq, and sadly, Max Boot, who has actually been to Iraq, as has Tom Friedman.

To be eligible, one must have risked nothing to advocate the war, while advocating it voiceriously

While any chickenhawk can win a KKB merely for refusing to enlist while advocating the war, Bloomie, you can collect yours now, you must do more than that to win the chickenhawk or double chickenhawk.

Attacks on Cindy Sheehan are a good start, as is mocking actual Iraq veterans. Racism is also a good start.

KKB with double Chickenhawk winners

Jonah Goldberg
Ben Shapiro
Ann Coulter
Charles Johnson
Victor Davis Hanson
Rich Lowry
Peter Beinart
Glen Beck
David Brooks
Michelle Malkin
Clifford May
John Hindrocker
Roger L. Simon

KKB with single chickenhawk

Paul Gormely
Ken Robinson
Alan Lipton
Adam Rusch

posted by Steve @ 7:19:00 PM

7:19:00 PM

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