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Comments by YACCS
Tuesday, August 30, 2005

For individual acts of chickenhawkism

Christopher Hitchens being
awarded the Bronze Chickenhawk
by President Bush

While the Kombat Keyboard Badge is for general service in the act of warmongering, those are not for individual acts.

The following medals are

The Golden Feather

This is the highest award for individual chickenhawk activity by a pundit or commentator.

To Jonah Goldberg Despite a near constant barrage of criticism for refusing to enlist, Goldberg held fast against the liberal assault and defended his position, despite the cruel ridicule of James Wolcott, a firm ally of the liberals, and Atrios, Goldberg refused to retreat, despite the snickers of others. For this brave action, he is award the Golden Feather for chickenhawkism in the face of the liberal enemy.

The lavender and yellow represents the royal pretentions of the Chickenhawks and the yellow, represents their courage in the face of the liberal enemy.

The Silver Chickenhawk

The colors of the silver chickenhawk represent the green, mountain dew they drink and the yellow, their courage.

Awarded for courage in the face of the liberal enemy and conspicuous courage

To Ben Shapiro Despite being a virgin, he managed to withstand the ridicule of bloggers and even an Iraq War vet to defend his right to support a war he would not fight in. For his heroism in the face of the liberal enemy, he is awarded the Silver Chickenhawk

The Bronze Chickenhawk

The colors orange, represent the cheetos and doritos of the keyboard commando, and the yellow represents their courage.

To Chistopher Hitchens, On the night of August 25, 2005, Hitchens, fortified by only a snifter of Brandy, confronted snarky Islamofacist fiend, Jon Stewart. Despite stumbling, he held his own against the ally of Osama Bin Laden and enemy of our president. For his conspicious bravery in the face of liberalism, he is awarded the Bronze Chickenhawk

posted by Steve @ 6:14:00 AM

6:14:00 AM

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