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Monday, August 01, 2005

Campaigns, I'd take this seriously if I were you

A good Republican lying before Congress.
Baltimore Orioles first baseman and Bush
Rafael Palmeiro. Now I know
why his dick didn't work. Juice.

James E. Powell posted something in response to my writing that we didn't have a litmus test


I suggest that we DID have a litmus test, and that Paul Hackett met every important point. It's just not any of the litmus tests that we usually hear about. While I am sure that all of us would have our favorite elements, they would have to include some or all of the following:

Does 'distance himself' from the party or its leaders, or is he proud to be a Democrat?

Does he talk like a bureaucrat or like a regular person?

Does he make it clear that he opposes Bush and the Republicans?

Does he back down when the corporate press/media or Republican pundits attack him, or does he stand by his words?

Does he respond to the nationwide reaction of the left blogosphere, or does he assign it to a junior staff member?

Does he sleepwalk through the campaign, or does he act like he wants to win?

I don't know all of Paul Hackett's positions and, since I am an old school lefty I am sure I don't agree with all of them. But he passed the litmus test I have set out for Democratic candidate I will support with time and donations.

If you want our support, these are things you will be held to. Don't try to triangulate and come to us for help.

posted by Steve @ 8:37:00 PM

8:37:00 PM

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