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Comments by YACCS
Friday, July 29, 2005

We are not children and we are not alone

Can we sue to get the Republicans to stop using us as their
logo? We're not small minded and cruel, are we mom?

After reading Joe Braun's silly letter, I think I can conclude he's a stupid man.

I mean, why would you use the same e-mail for sex and politics? What? Was he too lazy to use another addess? And now to threaten a libel action because his own carelessness was exposed? Come on. Was he asleep in class when they explained the discovery process? Sue, and his entire sex life becomes fair game.

But that letter was sent to scare someone who didn't know better, kids.

We are not kids.

Most of us have had other careers and are adults. We aren't just out of college and we know a little about how the world works.

The image of bloggers is of young, bright guys. Well, there are those who fit that model, Matt Stoller, Big Media Matt, the Pandagon folks, but others of us are old and crusty and know how to gauge threats. And if someone wants to have me debate their sexlife in open court, fine. It's stupid beyond words, but if you want to examine the details, fine.

But it goes beyond silly letters from a troubled campaign.

A lot of Dem campaigns want online money, but they kiss our asses, not listen to us.

We are expert in what we do. We know how the medium works.

Let's be blunt, Paul Hackett would be limping along and his staff unable to do much without that $300K we collectively gave him. We, not his staff, turned the race from a forlorn hope to a winnable race. This isn't to say that I have a problem with them, I don't.I've sent them money and urge you to do the same But, as someone asked me, what are we getting for that money?

In this case, to demonstrate we can lead the way in races, and create buzz. The DCCC, the House funding arm, should take their lead from blogs in the sense that bloggers are betting their money and the money of their readers on these candidates. Not just shuffling other people's money around.

But it isn't an open spring. You just can't ask for money without a sound reason.

Campaign staffs have not really adjusted to the online world well, and Mr. Braun's idiotic letter demonstrates that he doesn't fully get that he's not dealing with A person, but a community. We stick up and help each other. In a few hours, his name, past writings and membership in the bar became known. Not from bloggers, but from readers. People in the street. We are not just a few people working alone. There are many unseen and unackowledge hands helping us.

And I think some Dems better realize that as well. If you burn one of us, a lot of us are going to stand up for that person. If you want our help, you have to realize we're not an open bank. There better be a good reason to give you money and support your candidacy.

We aren't just a spigot to pay your bills. Nor are we gullible kids.

I'm not talking about a movement or anything like that. Just the practical reality that the online world is a useful tool in politics, but to get the most out of it, you have to understand it is moved by ideas and consensus.

And we aren't your lackies. You don't order us around like the staff. We help because we choose to and we can choose to help other people and spend our time in different ways.

We are here to help, if we can. But not for any one and not at any price.

posted by Steve @ 3:29:00 AM

3:29:00 AM

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