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Comments by YACCS
Thursday, July 28, 2005

Time to get scrunchy

So while you folks were questioning Paul
Hackett's military service (publicly verifiable)
, your campaign manager is looking for a
Sub to pour wax on and look at her coochie
with a speculum. What kind of values are
those? Pulp Fiction values?

OH-02: Jean Schmidt's Values Scandal

Posted by Bob Brigham

On Tuesday, voters in Ohio's 2nd Congressional District will go to the polls and vote in a special congressional election. One thing that seems very clear to everyone following the race is that Republican Jean Schmidt will do anything to win. Anything.

After Jean Schmidt was embroiled in an ethics scandal, she turned right around and gobbled up the maximum contribution from the poster boy for corruption, Tom DeLay.

Since then, her supporters have been Swift Boating her opponent, smearing his service to try to score cheap political points.

Schmidt has focused her campaign on family values, but now it looks like her Campaign Manager may have used the internet to satisfy his bizarre sexual fetishes. If this is true, it is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Here's how this whole thing came about. People who emailed the Schmidt campaign had their email's bounce back. The details of the bounce back showed that the email actually went to This is important because it shows that Schmidt Campaign Manager Joe Braun was using his AOL account for campaign purposes.

People googled this AOL account and apparently found that the same email account being used for the Schmidt campaign was also being used for a profile on a BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism -- think of the pawn shop in Pulp Fiction) website used by freaks to meet other freaks.

The smoking gun appears to be the fact that this profile was removed within a couple of hours after it had been linked to Joe Braun on the blogs (screenshot here).

Jean Schmidt's family values campaign is nothing by crass hypocrisy if her Campaign Manager is a pervert.

But my guess is you'll hear little from Jean Schmidt on this. Because she's too busy smearing Hackett and doing whatever it

Now, I disagree with Bob, there is nothing perverted about BDSM. It's perfectly acceptable, as private behavior. It isn't my taste, but neither is yogurt.

What I agree with is this: Schmidt is running around, talking about the evil gays and family values, while her campaign manager is engaged in bashing people in alternative lifestyle. And no, that isn't just code for gay.

In the past, a lot of people would have been decrying this kind of thing as dirty politics.

My reply to that is: so fucking what? Max Clelland was lied about for political gain. The man lost three of his limbs as an Infantry officer in Vietnam, and he's soft on defense?

Gays are all thoughout the GOP, hidden in a closet.

They disrespect our patritoism, our service, our beliefs, and we're supposed to help them keep their secrets?

No fucking no. No more.

It's time to get scrunchy, get in the dirt and spread it around and play as dirty as they do. They can run on the issues if they choose. But if they don't, we don't have to either.

Update: Oh yeah, there's more to do

RNC Dumping Cash into Race - Considering that this race should be a cakewalk for Schmidt, that's a sign they are truly terrified. Not clear how much, but looks to be in the six figures. Trying to match our ActBlue scratch, no doubt.

Republican Group Calls for Election BOYCOTT - Damn, talk about the "Shooting Yourself in the Foot" department. Please, conservatives, take this group's advice!

The Hackett Campaign Needs Volunteers - E-mail to VOLUNTEER@HACKETTFORCONGRESS.COM. Housing is available.

NRCC Poll Shows Hackett Down Just FIVE? - This is according to Tim, and is truly stunning news. No Dem has received more than 30% of the vote in this district in the past two decades. If this poll story is true, that's amazing.

Dayton Daily News Endorses Hackett - Another area newspaper comes through for our man.

Swift-Boating of Paul Hackett Kicks into High Gear - As Atrios says, these chickenhawks have real contempt for those who actually have served in our nation's military. Disgusting.

Update: Seems Joe Braun denies he's into BDSM

I have reviewed the materials posted on your blog site that make outrageous and libelous allegations about me. I emphatically deny these allegations are true and demand that you remove them immediately from your website now that I have placed you on notice of their false nature. As you are aware, I am not a public official and you do not enjoy any type of qualified privilege to place patently untrue and malicious statements about me on your blog. I am an attorney who regularly lectures on libel and slander at a local school and am very aware of the current state of both Ohio and federal law in this area. If you will not remove these outrageous statements and retract them as unfounded I will pursue all legal avenues available, including but not limited to, an injunction in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio seeking to have them removed and holding you libel for damages associated therewith.

Please be guided accordingly.

I would appreciate an immediate response.


Joe Braun

OK, if that is the case, can he explain how his e-mail address was linked to the aformentioned to both the campaign and the above post, which was immediately removed. While Mr. Braun is free to deny this, it would hardly meet the standard of libel, unless the e-mail address and campaign address were fraudlently created to tarnish him.

How can an AOL screenshot be defamatory? My first question is if he denying being the owner of the AOL address under his name and linked to the campaign website. If this is in error, it will be corrected. And if it was not him, why was the site removed within hours, and who removed it.

Just because he denies it does not mean it is either defamatory or reckless disregard of the truth. If Mr. Braun would provide some evidence, like his AOL records, then there would be every reason to withdraw the above article.

Unfortunately, I think Mr. Braun is rather unfamiliar with libel law, despite his claims. He is the campaign manager of a candidate for federal office. Which means he is NOT a private figure if he has spoken for the campaign. Which he has, and this directly relates to his employment.

However, this poorly worded threat from a "lawyer", especially one "expert" in libel law, should have mentioned how the post defamed him and how it is untrue.

Also, as a lawyer, he should know the first act in any legal action would be discovery, of not only his AOL records, but his health records, his computer records and bank and credit card records to determine if, at ANY time, he has paid for anything related to BDSM activity, including travel records.

Then, he does realize that he would be deposed as would all of his friends, family and employers, as well as former partners and dates. Who would be asked detailed questions about his sex life. Because as a defense, one would have to prove he had engaged in ANY activity, from spanking to bondage, which could be construed as BDSM.

Because, he surely knows truth is an absolute defense for libel. And if he, even once, explored BDSM, any case would be rendered moot.

I think his embarassment is leading to his overreaction. Does he want to be the center of a national case which centers on his sex life? I seriously doubt it. But this is not anyone's fault but his own. As the campaign manager of a federal race, people are going to investigate his background. If both his personal e-mail address and campaign address are linked, and there are independent witnesses that there are, how can this be about anything but embarassment.

Mr. Braun is free to provide some factual evidence to back up his claims. At which time an apology and retraction will occur. Until then, his denials are just that, denials. There is every reason to believe that the statement is both true, factual and accurate.

posted by Steve @ 7:56:00 PM

7:56:00 PM

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