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Comments by YACCS
Friday, June 10, 2005

How to commit libel without trying

Senator not a lesbian


ED Klein's new hatchet-job book on Sen. Hillary Clinton says she was heavily influenced by the "culture of lesbianism" at her alma mater, Wellesley College — but a classmate of the former first lady tells us there was no such thing.

"The Truth About Hillary," to be published by Penguin's right-wing Sentinel imprint this month, makes much of Clinton's supposed lesbian affinities. Klein says that she "embraced" lesbianism and that it "shaped" her politics in a profound way.

Klein also makes much of Clinton's friendship with Nancy Wanderer, a classmate who came out of the closet. He recounts an episode at their 25th reunion when Clinton — who, Klein says, was "widely rumored" to be a lesbian herself — fondled Wanderer's buzz-cut hair.

"Yes, I am a lesbian, but I wasn't at Wellesley or for 20 years afterward," Wanderer tells PAGE SIX. "There was no lesbian culture there at the time. I couldn't have told you one person who was lesbian. If there was, it was underground."

Wanderer continues, "I hope [Klein] doesn't suggest there was anything going on, because there just wasn't. And if the hair [episode] is being portrayed as a sexual thing, it wasn't that at all. I have a very short haircut, and we were all talking about it [at the reunion]. Probably everyone at the table touched it."

Klein also writes about another college pal of Hillary, Nancy Pietrafesa, who later moved to Little Rock and was "rumored" to have had a lesbian relationship with the future senator. "I did not," Pietrafesa, who's been happily married for years and whose name is misspelled in Klein's book, tells us. "No one deserves this kind of crap."

"These allegations are totally false and unsubstantiated," Pietrafesa's lawyer, Jim Brosnahan, said. "Klein has apparently done no investigating. This is scurrilous, despicable and politically motivated."

She's sure proved she's a lesbian

By marrying a very sexual heterosexual man and having a child.

Hand the woman a rainbow flag.

Do you think Bill Clinton had a sexless marriage? Do you think he would be in sexless marriage? Seems Bill liked extra sex, not substitute sex.

Running a hand through short hair is sex? Shit, I'd have to wear a condom when Jen showed me her occasional haircuts.

Now, I'd vote for Hillary for Senator whether she was shacked up with a woman or not.

And I think he's confused Wellsley and Smith for some reason.

You had Maura Moynihan denying conversations where she was in a room with her mother, father and Hillary Clinton and stating outright that her mother never talked to Klein. Now, you have what is apparently, uh, libel. Accusing a married woman of lesbian adultery, which could cost her not only her marriage, but her entire life, relationship with children, even custody, if young enough, is pushing hard on the reckless disregard aspect of libel. There is NO evidence Hillary cheated, much less with a woman.

Ed Klein seems to be living up to the worst wingnut standards, like that nutjob who said they hung sextoys on a White House christmas tree.

My feeling is that some of these people are going to send demand letters very soon..

posted by Steve @ 11:58:00 AM

11:58:00 AM

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