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Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Corner begs for cash

Isn't this cute?

Posted by James Wolcott

A cheep from National Review Online's Corner...

"OH GOODNESS [K. J. Lopez]

"From the inbox:

"'You are all cluttering up the corner with your 8th grade class trip jitteryness. Haven't any of you been on an airplane or stayed in a hotel before? And people are expected to pay good money to hang with a bunch of purile goofballs like y'all? If I wanted to be where it's not happening I'd be hiding under the Cruise/Holmes bedstead. It's so obvious that you hate the whole fundraising gig and Jonah especially is behaving like one of those Trevor/Day snots on the upper west side, so superior in their cocoons. So underpriveledged.'

"Nevermind, Mr. Wolcott--this guy's got your shtick down. This afternoon's posts=Jonah and Kathryn procrastinating while writing and editing. That is what The Corner exists for, isn't it?
Posted at 05:01 PM"

I have more than one shtick, my pets. Versatility, some of NRO writers might try it sometime, it does wonders for the complexion. And unlike the Corner's penpals, I am aware of how to spell such challenging words as "jitteriness," "puerile," and "underprivileged." A dictionary is a very useful thing to have around the house.

K'Lo is making cute from Chicago, the lastest whistle stop on the NRO Corner's Shakedown tour, where they invite fans to pay $500 to watch them eat. The trip has gotten off to a bumpy--nay, grumpy-- start. Jonah Goldberg arrived at the less than 4-star hotel accomodating the Cornerites only to discover he was going to have to bunk in the maintenance room with some of his colleagues, much like Cookie and Gerry Fleck in Best in Show after their credit card was rejected. His kvetches were what prompted the illiterate letter K'Lo considered worthy of adorning the blog.

I once shared a hotel room with a Vanity Fair colleague. A suite at the art-decoish Shangri-La in Santa Monica, where the bedrooms were spaced discreetly apart and sunlight exalted the white walls like the blank canvas of a David Hockney painting awaiting his brush. It rather spoiled me, I'm afraid. Were I a part of the Corner crew, I would have booked my own hotel room and made a reservation at Charlie Trotter's and paid for them out of my own pocket rather than undergo the indignity of bunking in the maintenance room and risk setting off a mousetrap with my big toe. Going the cheap route never really pays.

06.24.05 1:51PM � LINK

You would think that the clowns at the Corner would leave us alone.

Wolcott? Shit. If I hammer people, he slices them up like a samurai master. There is NO day I want Jim to speak ill of me. But these people do not listen and do not care.

posted by Steve @ 4:45:00 PM

4:45:00 PM

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