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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Washington Sucks

We don't like you people

The WaPo, according to David Sirota of the Center for American Progress, is going to push their reporter, John F Harris's, book on Clinton with two large take out stories about nasty things he said and his wandering dick.

For some unknown reason, the fact that Bush is a congenital liar seems not to bother the Beltway Kool Kids Klub. The fact that 1650 dead have come from Iraq seems not to bother them. The fact that he ginned up a crisis to destroy social security doesn't bother them either. Nor do they get that if Clinton, Bill Clinton, had run against George Bush, Clinton would have won in 2000, 2004 and well into the future.

The irony of this is that the Kool Kids Klub didn't like Clinton because he didn't kiss Sally Quinn's ass. Quinn, the man stealing slut, like Pamela Harriman, is allowed to now give lectures in morality, when men used to pass her around like a Maxim. She's allowed to sneer at the Clintons because they didn't take her all that seriously. I think the reason is that the Clintons didn't go to her dinner parties or some such nonsense.

The Beltway crowd misses one key point, one a reasonably sentinent child could explain.

America is unique in this sense: we hate our national capital. Washington is a negative word in the American lexicon, code for everything complicated and wrong. And this is not new. Mr Smith goes to Washington depicts the place as a corrupt sewer. Most countries have an envy/resentment relationship with their capital. Not America. If you want to say bad government, just say Washington. People will understand.

The reason for that is simple. Washington exists only as a seat of government. New York is the cultural and financial capital, LA, the entertainment capital, Boston, the academic capital. Washington plays a very limited role in the country's life. But to the people who work there it is the center of the world.

There's a very simple reason Bush can lie like he does and the Beltway keeps their mouth shut.

The Beltway Sniper.

That scared the Beltway crowd far more than 9/11. It totally destroyed their sense of security. After all, the Pentagon was isolated, but John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo brought fear into every Washington home more effectively than 10 plane crashes. It allowed a kind of gnawing fear to infect the chattering classes in a way that the mass deaths of others could not. The idea of a random sniper killing at will was truly unnerving, especially after 9/11. It so shook the confidence of the chattering classes there, that they were far more open to stories about Saddam the boogieman.

Remember, DC is the only place where people have power without responsibility. A bond trader has to actually make money. A movie director has a couple of hundred people and a few million dollars riding on his work. But in Washington, a pundit can influence policy and never live with the consequences. They can prmote abstinance and never see the increased numbers of STD's which will come from that.

So when Muhammad and Malvo ran wild, these cosseted, isolated people were stunned to the very core of their being. So, psychologically, believing Bush's fairlytales of war were just that much easier because the world was an unpredictable place. After all, violence in DC is restricted to the darker quarters of the capital. So when Bush came up with WMD, most of them went along, in raw, naked fear.

Now, that the war is a disaster, they are torn between the desire to see a democratic Iraq and the Banquo's ghost of Vietnam. So they remain silent, unwilling to call Bush the liar that he is. Because they cannot say that the Iraqi people must be left to their own fate, having bought Bush's story, and they cannot deny this is looking like 1967 more every day. So it is best to say nothing.

As far as nasty stories about Clinton goes, we didn't give a shit then, we certainly don't give a shit now. It only makes them look as weak and stuipid as we already think they are.

posted by Steve @ 10:59:00 AM

10:59:00 AM

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