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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mr Jackson, beset by all

Battle on the stand, Tom Mesereau talks to lawyer

Jackson Accuser's Mom Admits Earlier Lies

AP Special Correspondent

April 15, 2005, 10:44 PM EDT

SANTA MARIA, Calif. -- The mother of Michael Jackson's young accuser was barraged with questions and insinuations on the witness stand Friday as the singer's attorney tried to portray her as a con artist and forced her to admit she had lied under oath twice in an unrelated case.

Attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr.'s biting cross-examination and the witness's long-winded answers that often strayed from the subject prompted Judge Rodney S. Melville to admonish both sides.

Mesereau, attempting to shatter the mother's credibility, focused many of his questions on the woman's lawsuit against a department store. The family received more than $150,000 in 2001 after alleging they were roughed up by JC Penney security guards.

Mesereau noted that in a sworn statement, the woman said she had never been abused by her husband at the time -- an important issue, because her alleged injuries may have been caused by such violence.

"You were not telling the truth under oath when you made those statements," Mesereau said.

The woman eventually responded, "This is correct," but explained that she lied because she was embarrassed about the abuse.

She also acknowledged being untruthful when she said in the lawsuit that her husband was honest.

Earlier, the witness testified about her performance on a videotaped interview in which she praised Jackson, saying she is a "poor actress." Mesereau fired back: "I think you're a good one."

Asked about a report she made against her ex-husband accusing him of molesting her daughter, the woman refused to answer the question directly and instead turned to the jury and said, "No, he's wrong." But ultimately, she agreed she had made such a report.

Earlier in the day, prosecutors concluded their questioning of the woman by showing jurors videotapes found in a private investigator's office to demonstrate that Jackson associates had closely monitored the boy's family while he, his mother and siblings were allegedly being held captive by Jackson at Neverland.

The key quote of the day was "I know what Neverland is all about: booze, pornography and sex with young boys". The judge struck it, but she hit a home run and Mesereau was caught flat footed by it.

The problem is that while the mother is a wacko, her lies are not some grand scheme, but the lies abused women tell. Sure, she's shady, but the problem is that doesn't mitigate the main issue: Michael Jackson and boys. No matter her flaws, there just isn't the kind of grifter history to suggest she set her kids up. Welfare fraud and lying about a JC Pennys lawsuit is not pimping. Because there would have to be three extremely cold women to have ALL pimped their kids.

The prosecution needs to hammer this simple concept home: why is this man always around kids and letting them in his bedroom? How does he have time with three kids of his own to associate with little boys. Where are his adult sexual partners? I mean, weird is OK, but everyone around him cannot be corrupt. He simply has too many kids around his life for it to be anything like OK. You can say everyone had their hand out, but shit, the 1990 and 1993 victims no longer speak to their mothers. Now you tell me something bad didn't happen. For boys to stop speaking to their mothers, you know some Eminem-type shit has to have happened at a minimum. That just exploded, they severed their relations with their mothers. I think they blame their mothers for being seduced by Jackson. Not his money, but his attention. Pedophiles strongest weapon is the ability to seduce parents, especially troubled women. They are so happy that someone else cares about their kid, they don't ask why.

People are willing to surrender judgment for help in a tight spot. And that's when pedos strike. They help these poor women and then they seduce the kids and Jackson has money and power which can blind most people.

The idea that all these people just decided to steal from the rich beggers logic. Anyone ever accuse Hugh Hefner of rape? Women walk around his place naked. How many other celebs have been targets of grifting hustlers to this degree? Just bad luck? I don't think so. Jackson, if you believe his story, has been victimized by three boys, any nunber of ex-employees all while squiring around kids. Two failed marriages and no current girlfriend? Because if she existed, she'd be in court.

Mesereau is doing the best he can, but it's piling up, too many stories about Jackson and boys and while you can poke a hole here or there, it takes a lot to cave in the foundation. And the foundation is that Jackson paid out millions to kids for messing with them.

I have no idea if he's convicted or not, but it can't be looking good.

posted by Steve @ 12:22:00 AM

12:22:00 AM

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